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Oct. 28, 2013

Attack System Training
Clubs Resume This Week (Nov 3-4)

Fall Training

Attack System Training
Fall Attack System Camps

Nov 1-3: Attack System Mat Camp (HS/Junior High)

Nov 8-10: Attack System Takedown Camp (HS/Junior High)

Nov 15-17: Attack System Youth Camp (Grades 1-6)

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Attack System Training

2013 Fall Attack System Academy


Sundays at Reynoldsburg, Starting Sep. 15

Attack Club North:

Mondays at Thomas Worthington HS, starting Sep 16

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Winter Training

See Small Group Training programs on the Personal Training page.


  2013 Attack System Academy

The Attack System Academy is designed for the serious athlete who wants to train to be a champion. I have developed my highly successful Attack System through years of training and experience, and have seen tons of athletes succeed at the highest levels - winning State Championships and becoming All-Americans at all levels in college. The system works, and it will work for you if you give it a chance.

What wins in wrestling?

At every level, champions win with Positioning and Handfighting. These concepts are at the core of our training system. When you watch the state tournament, you see athletes win with positioning and handfighting, leg attacks and counters. That's why these are heavily emphasized in our system. You rarely see a thrower win the state. Throws are nice to have - we use some ourselves - but for the most part, they are easy to counter and we'll teach you how to do so. If you want to win at a high level, In This Country - in High School/Collegiate Style Wrestling - you will do so using the core elements of our system.

From every position on the mat, you are taught how to score on the best athletes. The home page has more details on our system - be sure to check it out.

This training system, and The Club, has guided and helped develop many of the area's best wrestlers for over two decades.

2013 Academy Info

ACE on Sundays:

Location: Reynoldsburg High School

When: Every Sunday from September 15 through November 24

Cost: $15 per night ($10 for host school athletes)

10 Week Membership (most economical): $110 ($75 for host school athletes) Discounts for siblings.

Attack Club North on Mondays:

Location: Thomas Worthington High School

When: Every Monday from September 16 through November 25

Cost: $15 per night ($10 for host school athletes)

10 Week Membership (most economical): $110 ($75 for host school athletes) Discounts for siblings.

See the form for details, or sign up online.

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