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July 31, 2014

Camps are over but exciting announcements coming soon!:

Attack System Training

2014 Summer Camps

Youth Training Camps

Summer Youth Camp Brochure

Younger Youth Camp #2: July 10-11


Older Youth Camp #2: July 16-18


Youth Camp Page

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Attack System Takedown Camp: June 22-25, 2014


Intensive Training Camp: June 29 - July 3, 2014


Attack System Mat Camp: July 5-8, 2014

Attack System Training

2013 Fall Attack System Camps

Takedown Camp

Nov 1-3: Attack System Mat Camp (Concluded)

Nov 8-10: Attack System Takedown Camp (Concluded)

Nov 15-17: Attack System Youth Camp (Grades 1-6)

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  2014 Summer Camps

All Camps take place at our Attack System Training Center in Pataskala.

** 2 Attack System Camps: One on the feet, one on the mat. This allows us to spend more time from each position.

** Cost: Attack System Camps are $349, Intensive Camp is $399. Youth camps to be announced.

** Camp LImits. We will only take around 30 athletes for all of our camps. This is to give each athlete more specialized attention.

** Camp discount is available for Club Simpson members ($50).
** Because we only take 30 athletes, expect these camps to fill up a lot faster! Apply early to hold your spot in these camps!

Welcome to the New Attack System Camp model!

Attack System Wrestling Camps: An Inside Look

Specialized Training System:

1. Learn the technique, broken down as neccessary
2. Drill it in steps if necessary, and then in whole
3. Drill many reps with a good partner, light resistance
4. Use it in live wrestling situations
5. Review and drill same technique in later sessions

What you see, you Learn

Every evening we drill techniques taught earlier in the day (step 5), as well as techniques learned earlier in camp. This leads to high retention levels for our athletes, and is an essential component of our training system.

Essential Elements of the Attack System:

1. Stance and Positioning to shut down the opponent, including shutting down opponents' underhooks, 2 on 1, head ties
2. Breaking opponent's position so you can attack
3. Essential Scoring Techniques that work at the highest level, against the best kids, including leg attacks and counter attacks

Essential Top Position Wrestling: Bump-Spiral System

1. Pressure: Get pressure on your opponent so you can break his position.
2. Control your opponent by getting underneath him
3. Turn him using the easiest, most effective methods

4. Pin techniques - making your opponent want to get off the mat!

Down Position System: An attacking offense
1. Positioning (keeping your base) and handfighting
2. Escape methods: standup, granby, power sit series.
3. Down Counters: leg riding, spiral, tightwaist chop, tilts, cradle, etc.

3 Biggest Mistakes made by camps:

1. Showoff camps: Big name, high dollar athletes come in, flash their medals and awards and sell their goods, but aren't really training athletes. This can be entertaining for kids to see and hear, and has some motivational benefits - but usually very little learning takes place.

2. Competition camps: Glorified Open Mats but you pay extra for it!

3. Factory camps: Way too many kids (sometimes over 1000)! Big camps that are money making machines. Your athletes will learn more in smaller camps where the athlete-coach ratio is lower.

Attack System Training for the Youth Wrestler: Our Goals

1. Teach athletes the Youth variation of our system, which will work for them as long as they are competing.
2. (And most important) We want them to still be wrestling a decade from now. In our youth training system, unlike many others, we see a very low burnout rate.

Brand New Youth Camp Formats and Options for 2014! Coming Soon - read your emails!
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