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June 1, 2014

Central Regional Results: 5 Championships, 3 Runnerups!:

Club Simpson Elite Form

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Elite Club Section

Rules Changes for 2014

2014 USA Spring tournament schedule and info sheet

Purchase your USA Card (Be sure to list "Club Simpson" as your club)

Remaining Schedule: Season Over:

Events on our schedule (2014)

March 29: USA Qualifier at Worthington Kilbourne

March 30: USA Club Duals has been Cancelled

April 5: USA Qualifier @ Oregon Clay

April 18: USA Pa: Young Guns Qualifier at Univ. Pitt-Johnstown (PA)

Itinerary for Young Guns Qualifier

May 3: USA Kids/Schoolboy State/USA Qualifier @ Elryia

Itinerary for Kids State and State Duals

Entry form for Kids State

May 10-11: State Greco/Freestyle Championships @ Western Brown HS

Itinerary (including Motel Info)

May 16-18: Central Regionals, Lawrence North HS, Indianapolis (IN)

Sign up for Central Regional

Itinerary for Central Regionals

  Club Simpson - Spring Training for Winter Champions


Attack System Training

James Eppich

Attack System Training

James Eppich Wins Greco State

Kyle Clark

Attack System Training

Kyle Clark Wins Greco State

Addison Fogle

Attack System Training

Addison Fogle wins Greco And Freestyle State, makes both Schoolboy Ohio teams

Jacob Winters

Attack System Training

Jacob Winters wins Greco And Freestyle State

Hunter Thornsberry

Attack System Training

Hunter Thornsberry makes the Schoolboy Ohio team

What Next Year's Champions Do This Spring

Freestyle and Greco wrestling in the spring leads to winter champions because of the following reasons:

** Greatly enhances ones hips

** Teaches you to finish shots quickly and react quickly

** Competition against the best wrestlers.

** Shows you what the top level looks like.

USA Wrestling has a great article on their website called "Why Wrestle Freestyle and Greco in the Spring? Be sure and check it out.

What Makes Club Simpson Elite the Premier freestyle/greco program in Central Ohio??

Athletes who train here aren't just interested in a freestyle "open mat". They want actual, systematized training that allows them to advance at the fastest level.

And they get that training.

Many Freestyle clubs are basically a glorified Freestyle practice, with no tournaments and no real matches. You just learn some Freestyle moves from a few sessions in the Spring and maybe hit a tournament if it's in your back yard.

It's sort of like saying you're on a basketball team because you shoot hoops with some of the guys down at the local gym.

Club Simpson is an Elite team that competes with others from far and wide.

Some clubs put together a travel schedule, just as we do. But if History is any indicator, they won't travel - not like we travel.

Last year we took 32 wrestlers to the Worthington USA qualifier.

Out of 35 club members.

No club, from anywhere in the state, was even close.

No local club ever comes close to our numbers anywhere.

Those are the facts.

We also have No Guest Clinicians.

Many clubs bring in guests to bring you in the door.

They do their session and leave, and you are not likely to see that technique again, meaning you are not likely to master it, and be able to hit it in actual competition.

Because you haven't been trained to utilize that technique.

When this is the method of operation, you can see the greatest move in the world and it won't matter. Being trained to do something is a lot different than being told to do something - or seeing it in one practice.

At Club Simpson, you are Trained in a systematic way, so by the time you compete, it is second nature to you, giving you your best opportunity to win.

This is why we have qualified first-year freestylers for nationals every year now, for years. As we expect to this year.

If you haven't wrestled freestyle before, but you're a tough kid, you may be next. In this club, you can reach that level.

This program is for the athlete that wants to train extensively in Freestyle and Greco in the Spring. Athletes will train with me 2-4 times per week. Travel to tournaments as a team. Commit to excellence.

Note: Space is limited. If you are interested, register and I will consider you. Selections will be made in early March.

You have to register in order to be considered.

Location: Attack System Training Center in Pataskala

Attack System Training

Starting Date: Wednesday March 19.

Ending Date: May 18 (USA Central Regional)

Cost: $395.

Deposit: $200. Sign up early to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Regular Workout days: Sundays, Wednesdays, and most Thursdays. An occasional 4th day as well

Personal Small Group workouts to be announced

Workout times: First group starts at 5:30 pm, followed by second group, at 7:30 pm. Group assignments to be determined. Be there 15-30 minutes early.

The Complete Spring Training Program. What you get with membership:

Summer Camp Discount: $50

Club Tour - Tournament Schedule (to be announced)- travel to tournaments as a team and be coached at tournaments. Last year, the Tour included the Central Regionals in Indiana, the USA Ohio Freestyle and Greco State championships, and the Kids State Championships.

Randy's Freestyle/Greco Essentials DVD: $49 value

2 Club Singlets (Value: $60 - $125)**

Personal small group training

** Last Year's Members have the option of not ordering this spring's singlets if last year's singlets still fit. Take $40 off if you were a member last year and are opting out of buying the singlets.

Take $25 off if you were a member last year and already have the Freestyle/Greco DVD.

Club Simpson Elite Form

Register Now!

To apply, fill out the application on the form and send your check or money order to Randy Simpson, Box 1234, Pataskala, OH 43062, or sign up online. If not accepted, your deposit will be returned.

About the Coach: In addition to wrestling in three sets of Olympic Trials, I was also AAU National Champion in my competitive days. Check out my freestyle experiences on the coach's page.

I have run Central Ohio's Premier Freestyle/Greco club for many years now. Every year we qualify first year wrestlers to Nationals!
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