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Revamping our Coaches Page to help you build your program! More changes coming soon - read your emails!

Attack System Training

Attack System Training

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Coaches: Training Opportunities for your athletes

In-Season Training (Dec-March)

Small Group Training

Personal Training

Spring Training:

Club Simpson Elite

Summer Training:

Attack System Camps for HS, Junior High and Youth

Fall Training:

Attack System Academy

Personal Training

Fall Camps

Private Mini-Camps

Wrestlers Corner

71% of coaches said their biggest need was higher participation numbers. Let's see what we can do to fix that.

Welcome to Coaches' Corner.

I want to help you build your program and build the wrestling community as a whole. Allow me to help your program as well as train your wrestlers!

Be sure to check out the Technique and Training Section at the bottom of the page. Lots of articles that can be helpful to your program in an easy to read format.

Below are ways I can help your program.

Program Building

Keep an eye on this space for help in building your program, coming to the website soon! And keep reading the emails!
Read my emails on building and growing your program, as well as methods used by others to build from the ground up.

Attack System Training

Attack System Wrestling encompasses the following principles: Great Positioning, Battling in the Center, Excellent Hand-fighting, and a Constant Attacking Style. This DVD helps you build your program around these principles, and takes you step by step through the process.

Attack System Academy

The Attack System Academy is our Fall Training Program from mid September - mid November.
This fall, our club is at Reynoldsburg on Sundays, and Thomas Worthington on Mondays. These clubs help athletes learn our system of wrestling, as well as gaining valuable mat time leading up to the season.

Fall Camps

The Fall Camps are an excellent way to get your team ready for the upcoming season. These weekend camps start right before the season gets underway. Make this part of your training regimen!

Summer Camps

Consider having your team train with us in the summer. This is an excellent way to take your entire team to another level, and also provides a great bonding experience for them as well. Coaches are welcome to stop by and observe our workout sessions. Our system of training is structured so that athletes retain as much information as possible. There are no "Clinic moves" with Attack System Wrestling. Our system stresses positioning and hand-fighting, which is the key to long-term success at high levels in the sport of wrestling.

Training Camps/Practice Sessions

Talk to me about conducting a training camp for your team and/or teams in your area. These training camps can be designed to fulfill the specific needs of your program. I can also come in to run practices.

Private Mini - Camps

Our brand new training facility here in Pataskala is the perfect location for a private mini-camp. If you have a group of wrestlers that are interested, contact me so we can get them on the schedule! I look for a minimum of 8 and maximum of around 30 athletes. The camps are short, intense and to the point. Most camps follow either a 24 hour format (example: Friday at 5pm to Saturday at 5pm), or 48 hour format, but other variations are possible as well.

Randy's Attack System Coaches' DVD: A Coaches' Guide for Training Athletes.

Special Note: Our brand new wrestling facility in Pataskala was finished in June of 2013. Send your athletes here to train in the country!


Technique-Specific Articles, Training Section, Mental Aspects of Wrestling
Technique Articles

Wrestling on your Feet
Top Position
Down Position
Mental Aspects of Wrestling
Articles including "The Prematch Talk" and "Wimp"

Mental Aspects

Training Section
Peaking for State and second half wrestling, Speed Drilling Technique, Body Fat Assessments, and More.
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