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Coaches' DVD Clips are online, as well as clips from all 3 DVD's

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DVD Samples

See samples from The Coaches' DVD:

Coaches' DVD Clip: 3 Man Drilling (from Intensity Drills Chapter)

Coaches' DVD Clip: Granby/Follow Drill

Coaches' DVD Clip: Skillset Training

Coaches' DVD Clip: Speed Drilling

See samples from DVD #2:

DVD #2 Intro: Wrestling on the Mat

DVD #2 Clip: Power Half on the Mat with a leg in

See samples from DVD #1:

DVD #1 Clip: Countering Opponent's 2 on 1

DVD #1 Clip: Scoring with a 2 on 1

  Attack System DVD's

Randy's Attack System Coaches' DVD: A Coaches' Guide for Training Athletes

This Coaches' DVD includes the following Chapters:

1. Attack System Training Overview: A look at how we train athletes

2. Skills and Drills: Drills from every position in wrestling, put together into easily taught Skill Sets. Learn to train your athletes in each of the following Skill Sets:

* Motion Drills
* Defensive Head-fighting Drills
* Offensive head-fighting drills
* Hand-fighting drills
* Down Position Movement
* Down Counters
* Top Movement

3. Intensity Drills: Includes excellent drills that combine technique and conditioning; Live drills that increase specific skills; and intense games that teach position

4. Installing the System: Shows you how to put it all together and structure your practice schedules to give your athletes the skills, technique and intensity to win, Attack System-Style. Includes sample practice plans.

Cost for Coaches' DVD: $49. Order online at The Store or mail it in.

Randy's Attack System, Part 1: Wrestling from the Neutral Position

This DVD pressents a comprehensive look at our system of wrestling on your feet.

Attack System Philosophy: Every time your opponent makes contact with you, he gives you a scoring opportunity.

This DVD teaches essential scoring techniques - the moves that are used 90% of the time to score.

Now, a look at the chapters:

1. Stance, Positioning: The cornerstone to success in wrestling.

2. Hand fighting techniques: Controlling position whenever the opponent puts his hands on you.

3. Leg Attacks (inside step and outside step) Set-up, proper position, finishing

4. Close Ties: underhook and 2 on 1, defending against them and scoring with them.

5. Short Offense/Short Defense: Shut down the opponent's positions of advantage

6. Counter Attacks: Scoring quickly off the opponent's positions of advantage

7. Four Steps of Defense: Four Essential steps to shut down a deep attack and create a scoring opportunity.

Cost for DVD #1: $49. Order online at The Store or mail it in.

Randy's Attack System, Part II: Wrestling on the Mat

Introducing...The Playbook. Included with every copy of this DVD
The Playbook is a comprehensive guide to wrestling on the mat. It includes strategies on attacking the opponent, based on what he does in various siuations. Here is the outline for The Playbook

Attack System Mat Philosophies:
Top: Score from the three key positions:
1. Referee's position,
2. Flat on the mat, or
3. standing up.

Down: Always Get Out and Never Get turned by doing 3 things:
1. Defend Position
2. Shut down your opponent's attacks
3. Execute the Escape System

Cost for DVD #2: $69. Order online at The Store or mail it in.

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