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July 15, 2014

If you are attending camp....

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This Week:

Older Youth Camp #2: July 16-18

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Attack System Camp

2014 Summer Camps

Summer Camp Brochure

Camps Page

Attack System Takedown Camp: June 22-25 , 2014


Intensive Training Camp: June 29 - July 3, 2014


Attack System Mat Camp: July 5-8 , 2014


Younger Youth Camp, July 10-11


Older Youth Camp, July 16-18

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Youth Camp Page

Fall Training

Attack System Wrestling Room

2014 Fall Attack System Camps (coming soon)

2014 Fall Attack System Academy (Coming Soon)

ACE: Sundays at Reynoldsburg (coming soon)

Academy Page

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Attack System Wrestling Room

Winter Training

Attack System Training

2014-15 Small Group Training (coming soon)

HS Middle-Upperweights: Sundays, 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Junior High: Sundays, 4:30 - 6:00 pm

HS Lightweights (106-126):
Sundays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Youth (grades 2-6): Mondays, 7:00 - 8:30 pm

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Attack System Camps
Attack System Training

What Next Year's Champions Do This Summer

Attack System Wrestling and Training

Our system teaches you how to win at wrestling - no matter who the opponent or where they've been trained. We put constant pressure on our opponents, creating breaks in their position, and quickly attacking off those breaks. Our training methods are the true secret to our system. These methods make Attack System Wrestling second nature to you. Here, you don't just learn moves, you learn how to win at wrestling.

Attack System Philosophy: Every time your opponent makes contact with you, he gives you a scoring opportunity.

There are three fundamental elements to the Attack System:

1. Position yourself so you can't be attacked
2. Shut down your opponent's offense from every position
3. Break your opponent so you can score

Top Position:
Our Bump-Spiral System focuses on the two key points in riding - pressure and control - and utilizes the most effective methods for turning the best athletes.

Down Position: Three key aspects
1. Base Position and handfighting to shut down the opponent's attacks;
2. Escape system techniques, including standups, granbies and the power sit series;
3. Countering Techniques - specifically designed counters for specific attacks, such as legs, spiral ride and cradle.

Our camps are an excellent way to learn the System. At all of my camps, you will be trained by me and get to know me personally. We run summer camps, fall mini-camps and private mini-camps.

Formerly known as Attack Club, the Attack System Academy is a 10 week training program conducted in the Fall, and running out of two locations. Athletes have the option of training at one or both facilities. We start this program in September and conclude right before Thanksgiving. These clubs are excellent for learning the system and reinforcing it.

Personal Training:
Personal Training is the best training you can get. I train athletes all year long at our Home Facility in Pataskala. Contact me for details and info.

Small Group Training:
This is our In-Season training program. Athletes are divided into 4 groups: Youth, HS Lightweights, HS Middle/Upperweights, and Junior High. We take around 15 athletes per group. Training is once per week, and athletes commit on a month to month basis. This program runs in December, January, and February. We also have a Junior High Training program, which leads up to the Junior High State Championships.

Spring Club (Club Simpson Elite):
Club Simpson Elite is the Premier Freestyle/Greco club in the Central Ohio area. Athletes commit to training with me extensively in the spring, and wrestle in numerous Freestyle/Greco tournaments during this time. Freestle and Greco both offer huge benefits to athletes looking to get on the podium. in the winter. My experience in freestyle is vast. See my "About the Coach" page for details.

Coaches' Corner:
Specifically designed for coaches. Get Technique info as well as training tips and methods, including mental training for your athletes.

Wrestlers' Corner:
Specifically designed for wrestlers. Get training tips, including some video, results, and also see what others are saying about Attack System Wrestling.

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