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Ohio Governor Mike Dewine establishes “Covid rules for wrestling” [document]

We at Wrestlers Corner just stumbled across this info directly from the Governors Office.  Since our sources have requested anonymity, we can not reveal them.  Thus we cannot confirm any of the following – but we’re pretty sure it is accurate.

Hence, onward as we share this potentially critically  important document with you now.

Governor Dewine’s Wrestling Covid Doctrine

  • All wrestlers will receive and pass the short 15 minute (aka inaccurate) covid test prior to participating that day
  • All wrestlers will wear masks at all times, including during matches
  • All wrestlers must carry a bottle of purell in their singlets (right where freestyle wrestlers used to carry blood rags, if you catch my drift)
  • Instead of shaking hands,  wrestlers shall give an “air bump” to their opponent at the beginning and end of matches
  • No hand fighting allowed.   Wrestlers who break this rule will immediately be disqualified and forced to quarantine for up to 14 days (4 days if you’re a professional football player)
  • No head ties.  See above.
  • All takedowns must be gained through use of only one arm, the pre match designated “non-covid” arm.
  • Following any change in position (ie takedown, escape, near fall or delay of match for shoestring tied), the match is immediately paused while both wrestlers pull out the purell from their – from the uh, singlet – and wipe down their hands, legs, knees face and don’t forget the armpits.
  • Referees position is altered.  The top wrestlers no longer mount the opponent, rather they must stand 6 feet apart (for safety) when the whistle blows.
  • After each match, the entire gym will be cleared of all coaches and participants (no fans allowed), mats mopped again, and the entire gym sprayed throughly with a fragrant, health department-approved lemon-scented air freshener
  • If Anyone sneezes,  the match is immediately called off, the gym is cleared and anyone within a 2 mile radius of the guilty sneezer must self quarantine for 2 weeks (4 days for professional football players)

Note:  One regular dual meet between 2 teams is expected to take 18 hours.