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The best-kept secret in Central Ohio is giving away secrets from 30+ years of training athletes, via 5 free videos.

These 5 free videos show:

  • an explosive game-changing series on bottom – score (at least) 5 different ways with this series
  • the collegiate method for beating the head tie that gives you an immediate scoring opportunity
  • how to score quickly from front headlock – and the #1 mistake made that costs wrestlers takedowns
  • how to immediately force your opponent to play defense – as soon as the whistle blows

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Here's a small sampling of what others are saying about Randy's training…

Randy’s training system allowed me to get the competitive edge that is required in Ohio H.S. wrestling today. It allowed me to focus on the little things that are required to compete at the highest level. -Anthony Ciraky, 3X State Finalist, 2X State Champ

I can remember back when I first started training with Randy. I was not a leg attacker. I went to Randy to learn to be a more aggressive wrestler. I had be train with Randy for about 4-6 weeks when I went to wrestling in the TOC. I remember going 6-1 that day and taking 3rd. I was wrestling state placers from the past year and winning. I thought I was wrestling well but Randy came up to me after the day was over and ripped me a new one…. Reminded me that I didn't take one shot all day. Said I didn't do one thing we worked on for the past month. The next time I had a one on one with Randy he made me take 100 single legs and 100 double leg shots. Randy took me - a non leg attacker at 215 lbs and made me a leg attacker because I listened and took what he showed to heart and made it my wrestling style. Randy made me a 100+ takedown wrestler my senior year plus helped me from a 3 year 5th at sectionals to a senior year run to the state semi-finals match which ended up in a 5th place at state. All because Randy made me attack! If a young wrestler buys into the style that Randy teaches he can be a very successful wrestler! - Brock Rickert, State Semi-finalist

“The leg counters that Randy taught my son were nothing less than phenomenal. They are simple and effective. Opponents were never able to leg ride my son. If you are tired of leg riders punishing you or just want to make sure it doesn't happen to you then let Randy know…his leg counters are second to none!”

-Scott Adkins, father of Tyler Adkins

“I’ve trained with Randy almost every week for the better part of 5 years. Randy is the best technique coach I’ve ever had, and helped me achieve things many people didn’t think I could. If you have the opportunity, train with Randy every chance you get.” -Dan Earley, DeSales HS Ohio State Champ

Before beginning my training with Randy's Attack System I was just a decent wrestler. My moves were there, but I didn't know how they fit together. After learning and vigorously drilling with Randy, through his private sessions, Club Simpson Elite, and ACE wrestling club, I found my skills to have immensely improved. My moves were better than ever and I knew exactly when to hit what move. My record increased from 50% (7-7) to 85% (36-6) in just two years (12-8 last year).  Randy teaches his moves in a way for all wrestlers to understand.

-Justin Mormol

“Yes he was pumped. he went undefeated in OCC duels won all of them by pin except he tech Falled the Lancaster kid who was a district qualifier. You’re doing miracles with him.  His coach was saying he can't believe how good he gets from year to year.  

I said,  ‘off season at Randys.   No secret just lots of work.”

Bruce Thornsberry, parent of state placer and collegiate wrestler Hunter Thornsberry


“My kids that you have had in camps have come back with great techniques. I was impressed by them showing me in open mats. Thanks!”

Chris Bragg, Head wrestling coach, Bexley HS

“Let’s face it, my son s**ked before he started training with you.  Now he’s a State Placer!”

-Coach of state placer, name withheld

“He had a good day. He had some awesome throws. 

I mentioned this to him: “Noah, your Greco was evident today!” And he laughed and said “Yeah, thanks to Coach Randy!” 

You were the one to train him in freestyle and Greco. He would NOT have gotten this training anywhere else, Randy. 

Here we are, all these years later, still thanking you, man! You are the real deal and we love you.” 

-Leah Wheeler, mother of collegiate wrestler Noah Messerall

"Randy helped me tremendously on my feet, which was the area I needed the most work on. Thanks Randy!" -Matt Benson, Minnesota State 3rd placer

"Randy, thanks for training me all through these years!" - Larry Reichard, long-time trainee and High School State Champ

There were multiple situations like this: FILA Cadet where I beat #1 ranked Austin Gomez, Junior Olympics where we ended up getting gold, and Medina, where I was losing by 5 points the entire match - then there was blood time, and my brother and Coach P were talking to me, and my brother Ifa reminded me about Inside Series - and it hit me like an ah ha moment, and I ended up taking the kid down 4 times in the last 40 seconds. -Ana Abduljelil, State Champion and Collegiate wrestler

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