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The Right path to relentlessly pursuing and tormenting your opponents

As the season approaches, you may be asking yourself if you’re headed down the right path toward having your best season.

Here’s where I can help you.

These videos give you a glimpse into what it means to be Relentless.

Relentlessly pursuing and tormenting your opponents.

I spent 20 years immersed in the college wrestling scene – first as an athlete, then as an assistant, and then head coach.

Every top collegiate wrestler I trained, trained to relentlessly torment their opponent – and now you can too (watching these 5 videos is a start).

One of the videos demonstrates the finer details of the go-behind – a short offense technique responsible for as much as half of all takedowns in wrestling.

Nothing says dominate your opponent more than scoring every time he attempts an attack.

And another video shows how to beat the most prevalent of neutral position tactics, the head tie.

Yet another video shows how to build a foundation of skills that lead to an explosive bottom series – opening up at least 5 different avenues to score quickly.

Finally, one video gives a perfect example of the essence of Attack System Wrestling: putting the athlete on defense right off the whistle.

See how the system all fits together?

Relentlessly pursue your opponent, putting him on defense immediately.

Crush his spirit whenever he attempts to attack…whether it be a head tie or a shot.

Now’s the time to ask yourself: are these skills, and this system, something that can benefit you this upcoming season?

You too can be Relentless…

Here are ways you can learn quickly

November 3-4: Crush the opponent’s spirit on the mat (High School/Junior High)

Here’s what you can learn:

  • Learn to shut down the opposition’s attacks…including legs, cradles and the deadly collegiate spiral
  • Shut down and defeat leg riders immediately by learning our leg countering system
  • Turn the better athletes quickly
  • My system of training, combined with this highly effective mental training, gives you specific skills to fuse mind and body, internalizing technique fast

November 10-11: Youth Wrestlers develop your relentless attack on your feet (grades 3-6)

Here’s what you can learn:

  • A simple technique to put your opponent on defense immediately
  • learn my relentless attack and score 5 different ways
  • Score with our unique front headlock system (youth wrestlers can learn this quickly)
  • Capture the finer details that give elite wrestlers the edge to finish their shots…every time!
  • Much, much, more, aimed at training YOU to achieve takedown mastery at a young age

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