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Attack System Leg Ride Camp (Oct 27-28, 2023)**

*For High School/Junior High 

**New for 2023:  Your Attack System Leg Ride Blueprint


Leg Riding:  The Great Equalizer 


What’s featured in this camp:

  1. How to secure excellent leg ride position

  2. How to set up and get legs in with excellent position every time 

  3. Turning from the base using advanced methods

  4. Turning from the ground




Short legs series from the ground, using our attack system method to break the opponent down and get legs in

  • Key details that lead to easy turns

  • Collegiate turns from the ground that work on top level athletes

When it comes to riding legs, and securing good leg riding position, it takes only minutes to learn – but months to master.   You can shorten the learning curve – I show you how.
Arrival:   6:00 – 6:30 pm Friday**
Departure: 1 pm Saturday 

Cost: $169 (includes food and overnight stay, t-shirt and camp video)

**First session is a Double Session 

Snacks Friday night
Breakfast Saturday morning

You can register for this camp, as well as Fall Handfight Camp, simply by submitting this form