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2024 Summer Camps


***Registration for 2024 Summer Camps is now OPEN


The 2024 Summer Camp Schedule is posted at the bottom of this page!


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This summer, make a REAL difference in your wrestling!

 2024 Summer Camp Schedule

High School/Junior High:

Takedown Master Camp:  June 16-19, 2024
Attack System Premier:  Takedown Mastery:  June 21-23, 2024
Mat Machine Camp:  June 25-28 , 2024
Attack System Premier:  Mat Mastery:  June 30 – July 2nd, 2024


Youth Camps:

Summer Youth Takedown Master Camp:  July 5-7, 2024
Summer Youth Mat Machine Camp:  July 9-11, 2024
Summer Younger Youth Skills Camp:  July 12-13, 2024