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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Where can I find the address for the Attack System training facility?

A: We are located in Pataskala, Ohio. For privacy and security reasons, we don't publish the address online, but provide it to athletes and parents after they sign up for events. Our location also serves as our residence.

Q:I'm looking for your phone number but I can't find it. Can I call to get info?

A: I stopped publishing my phone # online in the last few years, and no longer take "cold calls" to answer questions. With the great increase in the number of athletes training here now, answering personal calls about training takes more time than I have available. That's why email is my chief means of communication. On rare occasions I will talk on the phone after an initial email connection but email works best.

Q:Do I have to be on the email list in order to train with you?

A: Yes. Email is our main means of communication. You need to have a working email address that you will check regularly in order to get all the info needed to be in our programs.

Q:What is your cancellation policy?

A: We no longer offer refunds for cancelling out of programs. If your athlete has a medical condition preventing him or her from attending a program that you committed to, you may get a credit for future training, minus the cancellation fee, if you provide verifiable medical documentation from a physician within the given time frame for that program.

Q:Why did you change your cancellation policy?


We've had too many people sign up for programs, take someone's space, and then want to cancel out and get their money back. It takes time and money to replace an athlete, which is reflected in our non-negotiable cancellation addition, with the limited number of athletes we accept, It is not fair to those clamoring to get in to these programs, to get shut out and then have someone cancel out. It is also a major inconvenience that costs my staff and I time AND money. We encourage folks to make a commitment and stick with it.

Q:What about the money-back guarantee offered through many of your programs?


The cancellation policy does not affect the money back guarantee, which kicks in when you step into the building. You do have to step into the building, however.