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Train at our most advanced event, specially designed for our highest level wrestlers

(High School/Junior High)

This is the cutting edge of training wrestlers

Specially designed for the dedicated attack system wrestler

For the Attack System Wrestler who is ready for the most advanced training available to put you on top of the podium

Attack System Premier events are on the cutting edge of training. Athletes will pick up where they left off from Takedown Master Camp and Mat Machine Camp, speed drill through the core techniques, and accelerate their learning to new heights!**

It is essential that you have already developed the skills taught in Takedown Master Camp and Mat Machine Camp, and be able to drill what you have mastered, in order to benefit from this event.

Here’s some of what you will master at these training events:

  • Learn training techniques used by the champions
  • advanced finishes and scrambles you will use on the biggest stage
  • winning the mental battles to wrestle your best when it counts the most
  • learn a complete turn and pin system from top to bottom
  • automate your bottom countering so you are ready for the most advanced top tactics in the sport!
  • and much more!

2024 Attack System Premier: Takedown Mastery: June 21-23 2024

*Bundle with Takedown Master Camp and save $100 (best training and savings value)


2024 Attack System Premier: Mat Mastery: June 30 – July 2, 2024

*Bundle with Mat Machine Camp and save $100 (best training and savings value)


Each of these camps costs $450 by themselves – only $350 when bundled with their accompanying camp

Arrival Time: 9:30 – 9:45 am on Day One
Departure Time: 4 pm on the last day

Note: These camps are resident-only experiences.

This summer, Supersize your wrestling by learning a complete system of winning…from start to podium!

Registration for Attack System Premier is now open to bundle with Takedown Master Camp and/or Mat Machine Camp (email me for exceptions).