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2024 Takedown Master Camp, June 16-19, 2024

(High School/Junior High)

Note:  If you are looking for Summer Youth Takedown Camp, go here


The Secret Process to Crushing It on your Feet (devil is in the details):

  • Step One:  the simple, easy to learn keys to great position – so you are positioned to attack – but almost impossible to take down, by mastering these keys to perfect Position: The head/hands/hips system
  • Step Two:  Learn exactly how to put the athlete on defense Immediatelyfrom the opening whistle – and BREAK his position! (our second to none handfighting system has been used to consistently break high level athletes for decades)
  • Step Three:  Our Explosive 5-Way Attack system on our feet – learn to SHRED your opponent multiple ways!
  • Plus:  Many of the finer points, aimed at making you a master of the takedown.

Have you ever heard this said? “Watch this guy: he is a monster on his feet. He has mastered the art of the takedown."

Imagine if people said that about you?

Imagine you taking down your opponent at will!

If you can learn a simple system and work hard to perfect it, you won’t have to imagine, it will be true.

This camp will unquestionably accelerate your wrestling performance. But just in case you’re not convinced – here’s my personal assurance to you:

That’s how confident I am that you will love this camp!

Cost: This camp is only $450**

**Early Registration rate

Attack System Takedown Master Camp: June 16-19, 2024 
Arrival Time: 3-4 pm on the first day
Departure Time: 12 noon on the last day
Note: Athletes have the option to reside or commute.

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