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Personal Training

**NEW:  Safe Fall Training for a select few


This training will be similar to personal training (you can read about our usual personal training plans and rates, below), with a few exceptions.

  • Health protocols will mirror those utilized in our fall training program, ACE.
  • Groups of 2, 3, or 4 athletes.
  • Make sure you have partners committed to training together.
  • Dates/Times for groups:  Mondays, Wednesdays.  Start times can vary, but I anticipate an early group and a late group for each day.  Example:  One group may meet at 5, the next group at 7.  Or thereabouts.
  • Rates:  lower than below.  3-4 athletes, even lower.
  • Commitment:  5 sessions is ideal and will net you the best rate.
  • This page will be updated with rates, very soon.
  • Email me to start the process.  Give me details about the wrestler(s) who are looking to train.
Cost:  2 athletes training together:  $30 per session per athlete
Cost. 3-4 athletes training together:  $25 per session per athlete
Session length:  1 hour 15 minutes
Health protocols in place as outlined on the form
5 session commitment:
Cost:  2 athletes training together:  $25 per session per athlete
Cost 3-4 athletes training together:  $19.50 per session per athlete
Note:  Commitment expected in advance (no walk-ins, no 'pay as you go')
**Sessions rescheduled if a Covid-19 situation arises
** all athletes screened for covid-19 prior to training, as per our health protocol.
Training days available:  Mondays, Wednesdays (subject to change.

Personal Training is an excellent way for the dedicated Attack System Wrestler to fine tune techniques learned in the training sessions, or fix a problem you're having on the mats.

Personal Training Sessions

Workouts can be molded to fit an athlete's individual needs.
Athletes that come in for Personal Training, are currently in training programs with me.   I work with athletes either on a one on one basis, or 2 – 4 at a time. I will not pair you with someone without talking to you about it first.  

One on One: $80 per hour or $110 for an hour and a half. Two hour sessions are $150.
Two or more athletes: $50 per hour per athlete. 

If you want to train with me:

I now only schedule appointments by email.  Send me an email to get on the schedule.

If you have not previously done so, please submit our Personal Training Waiver Formrequired for all athletes prior to training**

**You only need to fill this out one time.

Personal Training Waiver Form

* Required