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This is the 5 step process to Excelling and winning…in

wrestling and as well as in life.

Phase Five

There are five phases that every wrestler has to go through in order to be able to use any technique they have been taught. It IS the true secret to winning in wrestling…and in life.

  • The Discovery phase: See the technique and get the details
  • The Walk-through phase: Drill it and get the steps down
  • The Speed Drill phase: Speed Drill it at match speed
  • The Live practice phase: Execute the technique in a live practice setting
  • The Execution phase: Execute the technique in a live match setting

Phase One, the Discovery phase.

The first step in learning anything is always seeing the technique and walking through the steps. This is obvious. You can't execute technique that you don't know exists.

A key component to this step is grasping the finer details. Where you step your foot, where you grab with your hand, where your toe points…all of the minute technical details matter. Miss one or drill it poorly, and the entire move can blow up and become worthless.

Sadly, most people never grasp all the details, and thus never move up to Phase Two.

Phase Two, the Walk-through phase

After you see the technique and get the details, drill the technique at moderate speed, get the steps down. It is essential that you focus on all the finer details. This is when you get a strong understanding of every step. Athletes have accomplished Phase Two when they are able to hit the technique at moderate speed and have all the details correct.

Phase Three, the Speed Drill phase

Athletes will speed drill the technique at match speed, hitting rep after rep correctly, exactly like they would do so in an actual match. Excelling at this phase indicates the athlete is ready, at least physically, to execute it in live full-go situations.

Phase Four, the live practice phase

Athletes must be able to execute technique in a live practice setting before they are able to do so in a match. Jumping from Phase 3 to Phase 4 is probably the biggest and most difficult step of all, and involves more of a mental jump than a physical jump. Athletes who are able to jump to phase 4 have an understanding of what practice is for. Practice is to prepare you for the matches. Athletes who only practice to win, and not learn, will struggle to ever get to phase 4 in any technique. This is a very common phenomenon in all sports, and takes the right practice mindset to overcome.

Note to parents and coaches:  putting pressure on an athlete to 'win in practice' will quickly crush his willingness to attack in practice – and hamper his growth.  He has to be willing to take chances in practice (without getting the stink eye), or he will never develop his attacks. 

Phase Five, the execution phase

Phase Five is the reason we learn any technique: so we can execute it in a live match. The truth is, many wrestlers struggle to get to phase 5 with new technique, or do so very slowly, because they fail to realize that one must go through the previous 4 phases in order for Phase Five to happen.

A sad truth.

Most wrestlers struggle to learn technique and therefore, greatly slow down the process of getting to Phase Five and executing new technique in matches. It is aggravating for coaches and athletes alike.

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