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Attack System Training for your athletes

As you well know, there is a big difference between showing an athlete, and training an athlete. The elite coaches are constantly looking to gain that edge – the something extra that pushes their athletes to defeat tough opponents at the highest levels. Many top coaches through the years have taken my advice when it comes to things such as:

  • Developing a systematic approach to their program
  • Motivating athletes to train like champions
  • Drilling the most important techniques to a point so it is second nature
  • Peaking at tournament time

If these elements are what you are looking for in order to gain an edge, you are who I created my Coaches DVD for.

When you are watching this DVD, you will discover

  • Attack System Training Overview: A detailed look at how I train athletes here – and how this training style can benefit your own program
  • How to snag the numerous Plug and Play Drills right off this DVD and implement in your own room…drills that train athletes to do the following:
  • Position themselves so they can't be attacked…
  • Beat the opponent's collar ties
  • Hand fight like a champion
  • learn how to beat the most devastating turns and rides, including legs and spiral

…and much much more.

Pretty soon, your athletes will be getting their hands raised and defeating opponents that once beat them – all because you implemented this system of wrestling and had them drill it until it was second nature.

And here's the best part….

Most of the drills you will see on here, take less than five minutes out of your practice schedule.

In addition, you will discover how to:

  • Structure your practices so you get the optimal mix of drilling, technique, live and conditioning – timed to the minute.
  • Plug in the skills you snag from this DVD and build them into your own program
  • Implement our Intensity Drills to push your athletes to the limit and help them excel.

Now's your chance! For only $49 your program can take the giant leap you have been looking for.

Order it today!