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Attack System Handfight Camp (Oct 20-21, 2023)**

For High School/Junior High


**New for 2023:  Your Attack System Handfight Gameplan


 Anytime they put their hands on you, you have a scoring opportunity


Handfighting:  How you neutralise and beat the top level athletes 


What’s featured in this camp:

  1. Instantly Beat your opponent’s head ties, hand grabs, and hand posts

  2. Advanced concepts:  beating the 2 on 1 

  3. shut down the elite athlete immediately

  4. Best method for sealing the win:  your 30 seconds with-a-lead strategy – shut down all risk  




Collegiate level hand fighting from a collegiate All-American with over 100 career wins


Arrival:  6:00 – 6:30 pm Friday**

Departure: 1 pm Saturday 


Cost: $169 (includes food and overnight stay, t-shirt and camp video)



**First session is a Double Session 

Snacks Friday night
Breakfast Saturday morning


You can register for this camp, as well as Fall Leg Ride Camp, simply by submitting this form