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Registration for Summer Youth Takedown Camp is now OPEN

This summer, you can gain an (almost) unfair advantage over your opponent - right from the whistle!

Master the 3 step process to getting more

Discover the Keys to mastering Step One: perfect position – so you can’t be easily attacked

Summer Youth Takedown Master Camp, July 5-7, 2024 (Grades 3-6 in Fall 2024) (Resident/Commuter Camp)

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Learn the Three Step Process to getting more Takedowns:

  • Step One: the simple, easy to learn keys to great position – so you are positioned to attack – but almost impossible to take down, by mastering these keys to perfect Position: The head/hands/hips system
  • Step Two: Learn exactly how to put the athlete on defense Immediatelyfrom the opening whistle – and BREAK his position! (our second to none handfighting system has been used to consistently break high level athletes for decades)
  • Step Three: Our Explosive 5-Way Attack system on our feet – learn to SHRED your opponent multiple ways!
  • Plus: Many of the finer points, aimed at making you a master of the takedown.

*Cost is only $280 per athlete 

*early registration rate, expires soon

Arrival Time: 3-4 PM on Day One
Session times (approximations): 10am-12 noon, 2-4 pm, 6-8 pm
Departure Time: 4 pm last day

**All meals provided
Note: Athletes have the option to reside or commute. No extra charge for residents.

These camps will unquestionably accelerate your wrestling performance. But just in case you’re not convinced – here’s my personal assurance to you: