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How to avoid short circuiting your young athlete’s career

Avoid Magic Moves.

These are moves designed to give young kids a quick and dirty win. They include but are not limited to:
Head and arm.
Cement Mixer.
Other "garbage" moves.

You can easily identify when your athlete is using a magic move, because they start relying on it instead of using fundamentally sound technique

Its heartbreaking how many young athletes’ careers get short-circuited because the wrong trainer, with the wrong philosophies, teach Magic Moves, instead of setting a strong foundation.

As a result, these athletes start to rely on them and subsequently, it stunts their development.

Here’s what happens…

Magic Moves will work for a while on less experienced wrestlers, but as they grow older, those athletes will start to counter them.

The biggest drawback to youth wrestlers learning these magic moves is this: While they are having short-term success with them, they are NOT learning fundamental wrestling technique that will set them on a course for long-term success.

For some athletes and parents, by the time they figure this out, its too late. Once their peers grow up and start learning the counters, and better body position as well, those peers will start winning. And when that happens, and more and more of his peers start beating him, well….Now wrestling just isn’t as fun anymore.

Now you’re on the road to BURNOUT.

Here, your son will do the opposite…

Your youth wrestler will be trained to beat those magic moves while taking the path to long-term success. In time, he will surpass the magic move kings because he will have learned to counter the garbage, while also learning how to be a fundamentally sound wrestler.

Another way to avoid short-circuiting your athlete’s career is to remember this phrase….

Its a marathon, not a sprint

Remember that this is a long-term process. Young athletes in particular have to be enjoying the process or they are very likely to fall victim to burnout. Burnout levels in wrestling are extremely high, as it is a very demanding sport. We design our programs, and counsel parents and coaches, specifically to greatly reduce the risks of burnout

I want your young athlete to learn to love the sport so he still wants to wrestle a decade from now.

That’s why every camp we have is geared toward the long-term process.

There’s no time like the present

This summer, our Youth Wrestlers will be trained in the same system that our older athletes have excelled with for decades. This specialized training will help them learn to do the following:

  • Put the opponent on defense immediately and keep him there
  • Attack 5 different ways using a dizzying series of setups
  • Finish cleanly using specific details that win at every level
  • Counter the opponent’s shot using our highly advanced front headlock series

…and much more