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Let's talk about Liberty Christian.

It is a private, Christian school that resides less than half a mile from our esteemed Attack Barn.

And it represents a New Beginning for me.  

I've been approached many, many times throughout the years to take over wrestling programs – and I've always resisted.  Many reasons for this, which I won't get into at this time.

But this time is different.  The administrators of this school have given me Carte Blanche to launch this wrestling program – do it right, right from the start.

For me, it represents a LOT of opportunity.  The school currently has 42 boys, and 43 girls in attendance.  That number will be close to doubling, due to my wrestling program.  That's part of the allure for them, to be honest.  Help grow the school.

They need more students.  This is an outstanding way of accomplishing that.

To accomplish, this, I plan to start recruiting immediately.  No, there's nothing illegal there.  Since this is a private school, we can pretty much do what we want – just like the other powerhouse private schools in the state, like St. X, St. Eds, Newark Catholic and St. Paris.

I encourage you to join me.

“Imagine if all of Randy's kids wrestled at the same school, being coached by him daily!"  Athletes have said that to me so many times throughout the years.  Now it can be a reality.  

You can join me at Liberty Christian.  We can make a run at the State Title (Division 3 of course), Right Away.

Your parents don't even have to move.  We could adopt some of you.  We have a lot of space here (and chores for you as well.)

You can still train at The Attack Barn, since it will be the current home of Liberty Christian Wrestling (and probably, let's be honest – permanent home.  They are never building a wrestling room for us.  We don't care though – our room already one of the premier training facilities in the entire state).

Added bonus:  Liberty Christian is known for many things – academic standards, personal touch – and their April Fools pranks, like this one.