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Welcome to your Exclusive Club Simpson Membership Page!


Get your USA card HERE:  Purchase your USA Card and list Club Simpson as your club affiliation .  Go here to buy a USA card:


Below is all the info you need for the upcoming training session(s).


Address to the Attack Barn:

10740 Refugee Rd SW, Pataskala OH 43062

(don’t share the address to our secret lair with outsiders).

450 foot driveway, building is on the right. 

I will also be posting info such as upcoming training schedule, special events, advice on navigating the spring season, etc. 

Health Protocol (followed by all):

  1. Daily Check-in:  Parent or athlete will receive an email in the morning every day there is training.  You are expected to respond and report the health of your athlete (no illness, fever, etc.)
  2. Arrival:  at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.
  3. All Athletes will go through skin check upon arrival.
  4. Athletes will apply Kenshield prior to training (it is provided here at the facility).
  5. Athletes will step on the Sole Mat upon entering the wrestling room, and dry their shoes on the dry mat.
  6. Showers are available and encouraged after training.
Training Days:
Sundays, 7 – 8:30 pm
Thursdays:  7 – 8:30 pm  


How to Compete in USA Wrestling Tournaments

Step One:  Make sure you have a Red AND a Blue singlet.  You will need both throughout the tournament.  If you’ve ordered singlets through me, and haven’t paid yet, bring a check for $95 at an upcoming training session.

Step Two:  Purchase your USA Card and list Club Simpson as your club affiliation .  Go here to buy a USA card:

Step three:  You can attend any tournament on the USA schedule, whether we are competing as a club or not.  But I will be in attendance ones mentioned in the emails.


Links to upcoming USA Wrestling Tournaments

Itinerary for Central Regionals (includes hotel info if you want to book there, but its up to you)