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**Sharpen your Laser Focus for the upcoming season!

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**Opportunities available for Youth,  Junior High and High School


  • Live Wrestling
  • Skills Training
  • Detailed analysis delivered personally to every wrestler, charting your path to having your best season ever! 

Plus this….

a secret method that can help you fix your biggest challenges…




What’s holding you back?   

If you could fix any weakness in your wrestling – what would it be?

Here are a few that wrestlers and parents share with me:

  • My athlete won’t shoot
  • Can’t escape from leg riders
  • When they get to our legs, we’re cooked
  • Can’t hold anybody down
  • Can’t score from front headlock

After this camp, you can chart your path to fixing what ails you…and keeping it fixed.

At this year's Fall Camps, I uncover my secret mind-body method to fixing your biggest challenges on the mat…and keeping them fixed

Build your fast-action plan for greater success this fall by doing this:

Step 1:  Train and wrestle live in a controlled environment that shines the spotlight on your strengths - as well as charting a path to fix your biggest weaknesses.

Step 2:  Detailed personal analysis from a wrestling master with 30+ years of experience - know exactly how to make the biggest improvements in your game.

Step 3: Learn how to snag your positives from a match - and turn them into everyday actions

Step 4: a "quick and dirty" trick to self evaluations so you can fix areas needing improvement

Step 5: Develop your strongest mental game possible - eliminate anxiety and dread, and look forward to your mat experiences!

Advance Your Wrestling Skills Faster, Rid Yourself of Bad Technical Habits That are
Holding You Back, And Leapfrog To The Next Level…
and start your season off with a BANG

This is a one of a kind training experience. When you step in my building, you will immediately notice the difference.   I get to know you personally – and help you reach your goals.

Important note: Being on the email list is required for every Attack System program. Email is my main means of communication. Joining the list is easy and even pays you $15.

2021 Fall Laser Focus - Mat
Oct 29-30 (HS/Jr High)

**Registration is now open 

2021 Fall Laser Focus - Youth Training
Nov 5-6 (3rd-6th grade - and mature 2nd graders)

**Registration is now open

Once you have trained at Fall Laser Focus camps, there's no better way to internalize my system than to train all season long…so you are prepared to win when it counts the most.

Here's How:

Right now, you can hold your spot for our in-season training program, Small Group Training, at a huge discount…and guarantee that you won't be shut out just as you're trying to peak.

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