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Life in the fast lane (this can be you)

What you’re seeing is an example from last night’s workout, and a perfect example of how to jump into the fast line of wrestling skills development, rather than staying stuck in the slow lane.

As you watch the video, you will notice one move executed with three different finishes. The attacker reads his opponent, and reacts accordingly (not unlike a quarterback in football).

In this setting, his opponent gives him one of three different looks.
#1: single leg sweep, doesn’t square up
#2. single leg sweep, squares up and puts hands on the mat
#3. single leg sweep, squares up and tries to block by putting an arm around the waist.

There are 2 other scenarios that weren’t shown, meaning: 5 different finishes, all based on the opponent’s reaction…and all must be executed on the spot, automatically. Even one split second of hesitation means your shot gets stopped cold in its tracks (one of the big advantages of wrestling these Olympic styles in the spring is the pace. You are forced to adapt to a faster pace in order to compete).

Note that this just covers one set-up. When you fully internalize this system, you will attack from 4 different looks.

Side note: Last night, I saw one kid’s eyes get as big as saucers, watching this. I knew exactly what he was thinking: I can’t hit that – not even close.

Here’s the truth: Nobody learns to execute technique like this, at this pace, by having it thrown out there and told, go get ’em!

Next truth: Everyone in my room – every spring – learns to execute techniques like this, because I follow the Phase Five philosophy of training:

  • The Learning phase: See the technique and get the details
  • The Walk-through phase: Drill it and get the steps down
  • The Speed Drill phase: Speed Drill it at match speed
  • The Live practice phase: Execute the technique in a live practice setting
  • The Execution phase: Execute the technique in a live match setting

We start with the core attack: the single leg. And to simplify things at first, just one setup (adding more at the appropriate times).
We add one finish (sweep). We speed drill it like there’s no tomorrow, internalizing it to precision.
Then we add another finish (split the middle, hands on mat). We speed drill it like there’s no tomorrow, internalizing it to precision.
Then we add yet another finish (split the middle, blocks us with arm around the waist.). We speed drill it like there’s no tomorrow, internalizing it to precision.
Then we add the 4th one. You get the idea.

The clincher.

All said, if all we did was the above, then onto the next move the following week, with no reinforcement, athletes would quickly lose it…
and as a result, would not have it in their arsenal when they need it the most.
You must reinforce any technique with precision, throughout the spring, if you want to internalize it and automate it.

This is what the fast track really looks like.

I have spent decades competing in, coaching in, and studying these Olympic Styles of wrestling, and as a result, I have identified a handful of core positions you must win from, in order to be successful.

I have designed my spring training system around these core positions. When you train with me, you will develop these core positions fast – as a result, you can accelerate your skills and be ready to compete faster here than anywhere.

Every year, first year Olympic styles athletes in our program learn to be quickly competitive against athletes who have wrestled these styles for many years…often surpassing them by season’s end, and earning a berth in their national level events.

Because your development is my highest priority, this training is about being trained not entertained. Because of this:

  • I don’t allow guest clinicians
  • We develop each core area that is essential to competing in these Olympic styles, and train exactly like what was described above
  • We don’t get distracted with folkstyle events. Our full focus is on the Olympic styles (distraction means a room full of kids who never fully take to freestyle and greco, and come away disappointed instead). When you look at our club schedule, you won’t find a single folkstyle tournament listed. FOCUS.

These Olympic styles aren’t for everyone. In fact, its only for you IF:

  • you want to jump to the next level fast (75% of state finalists are doing this)
  • You like fast paced physical wrestling
  • You like what you see above in the video – it looks fun.
  • You like fun!
  • You want to develop your hips so automatically that you are nearly impossible to be turned, even in folkstyle (high school style) wrestling
  • You want to learn how to wrestle with full confidence in the over/under (50/50) position…learning how to shut down the opponent’s attacks immediately
  • You want to learn Olympic style wrestling, and technique used by the top Olympic style coaches in the nation

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