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Elite Wrestling Training for athletes ready to Step Up!

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You can Jump levels quickly – with the right approach to training.  Training focusing on Elite level techniques to beat top level wrestlers. 

There are a small handful of critical skills in wrestling that are responsible for 90% of all wins in wrestling.

We re-enforce critical skills that win big matches – every week.


Winter Club Training at the Attack Barn

Personalized, in-season elite level wrestling training so you can Wrestle your Best when it counts the Most!


Gain critical skills to rapidly surpass your rivals!


Wrestling training opportunities are all around.  But you can only get the systematized training utilizing our proven Phase 5 approach here.




High School/Junior High: Sundays

Youth (2nd-6th grade):  Mondays 


The personal touch you can’t get anywhere else

  • You have full-season access to my knowledge and advice
  • stuck in a position? See me for solutions
  • Access to my Breaking down your Barriers to Success mental edge system
  • Special training videos only available to small group athletes
  • weight management consultation available
  • Struggle with lack of confidence? See me.


Small Group Training is our in-season training program that starts late November, and runs through the months of December, January and February.

Note:  Registration for 2023-24 is now open!

**Limited space available

All season, long, you can speed drill to master Elite level, high percentage techniques:

  • Attack your opponent relentlessly on your feet by putting him on defense immediately
  • Elite level handfighting – every time he puts his hands on you, he gives you a scoring opportunity
  • Score multiple ways from one set position using our dynamic attacking system
  • Train to win using the highest percentage moves from multiple position!
  • Train to use the most effective, dynamic Front Headlock system that scores tons of points fast.
  • Score from go behind (avoiding the 3 key mistakes the majority of the wrestling world makes)
  • Shut down your  opponent’s Front Headlock immediately
  • Score from top position using our dynamic systems
  • Our simple yet Powerful A-B escape system
  • STOP the opponent’s top turns instantly using our countering system

Commitment levels

Gold level commitment (no longer open)

All-Season (December-February) Pass 


Silver level commitment (January-February – now closed)


Bronze level commitment (now open!)

Monthly Pass.  February-only option is now open

One-time Tryout 

One session, no further obligation (keep an eye on your inbox – I will announce when its opened up)  


**Advanced Training sessions offered as part of Winter Club Training!

Includes Events such as:

  •  January 28, 2020’s Get in the Zone:  Your Peak Performance Road Map 
  • February 18 2019’s Medal Blast 
  • Late January 2019’s Peak Performance Master Training (w/special guest Dave Fogle)
  • January 15 2019’s Finishing School 
  • December 18 2018’s BLASTER 
  • January 2018’s Critical 3 for Peak Performance
  • December 2017’s Power System 
  • Late January 2018’s Leg Countering special 
  • January 2018’s Pinner’s Paradise 
  • January 2017’s Counter Attacks 
  • February 2017’s  Pinning Combinations
  • Handfighting Extravaganza.


Here’s who can join us at Winter Club Training
  • Junior High athletes
  • High School athletes
  • Youth Wrestlers 

Training Dates and Times

Core Training Days and times

  • Junior High/High School:  Sundays:  6:30 – 8:00 pm***
  • Youth (grades 2-6):  Mondays:  7:00 – 8:30 pm



**Special Super Bowl Sunday time:  11 am Sunday February 11



2023-24 Winter Training Workout Schedule

Junior High and High School:

  • Dec: Nov 26, Dec 3, 10, 17
  • January: 7, 14, 21 ,28
  • February: 4, 11, 18, 25 , March 4 


  • February: 5, 12, 19, 26 , March 5 

Note: We Do Not Pro-rate for missed sessions, or sessions postponed due to weather or cases of emergency… However, in the event a session has to be canceled, we will re-schedule and add a bonus session (Possibly a mid-week bonus or two).

*2023-24 Fees

(Cost for Gold Level (All-Season – Dec-Feb, 13 powerful workouts) Commitment: only $480  

Cost for Silver Level (January+February, 9 powerful workouts) Commitment: only $380

Cost for Bronze Level (One Month) Commitment:  $210 

Cost for Try-it-Out one-time sessions (when open): $59 

Cost for Advanced Training sessions: $69**

A note about Try-out and Advanced training sessions:  your cost is always more for a one-time session.  Those who commit to more training save a significant amount over one-time sessions.  


Register Here for Winter Club Training and/or Set-up King (Jan 14 special event)

The following is a requirement for participation
requirement for participation
Requirement for participation