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1/25/21:  The 4 Tenets of Leg Ride Countering

Without these 4 key principles, your leg ride counters are just hit or miss (usually miss)

12/19/20:  The Next Generation

What happens when they stop your standup?  Discover at your next workout, how to turn their most likely reaction into surefire points for you!  

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**added 12/11/20

Attack Barn Address

Training is located at the Attack Barn in Pataskala. The address is: 10740 Refugee Rd SW, Pataskala OH 43062. For privacy reasons, I do NOT publish this anywhere else. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS.

The facility is located 450 feet off the road, and we are 1/2 mile West of Rte 310, 5 minutes off I-70. We are located on the North side of the road.

Everything you need to know but were not afraid to ask….

Small Group Training Covid-Prevention Health Protocol 


  1. Personal Groups Health Itinerary
  2. What to pack in your bag inventory

Health Itinerary


The following agenda applies to ALL athletes and parents in the program – be ready to follow each step when you arrive.

Email Check-in:  Prior to the session each day, submit an email check-in to report the following:

If any of the following are a YES, please report that to via email and stay home that day.  Otherwise, report a “no”.


  • Known Exposure to anyone Covid-19 positive within the past 14 days
  • Fever
  • Exhibiting symptoms of covid-19, including dry cough, sneezing, shortness of breath, fever, etc.
  • Other illnesses, etc.
  • Report to me if your athlete has developed a rash anywhere on the body.   if so, I will be checking that rash prior to the session.

Arrive at by the Arrival Time or up to 15 minutes early and remain in cars until I wave you in

Parents/guardians will remain outside the building – I will wave to you and can talk to you at a distance.


All athletes entering the building will be provided, and use, hand sanitizer immediately upon entering.

All athletes entering the building will get a temperature check.  Any with fevers will be sent home (athletes should be checked ahead of time at home to save yourself time.

All athletes will then undergo a thorough skin check while stripped to a suitable undergarment (yes, that means have underwear on).

All Athletes will then take a shower prior to the start of the session at our facility.  You must bring your own towel.

All athletes must change into clean workout clothes they did Not wear into the building.  Make sure you have packed extra socks, underwear, shorts, shirt, and towel.  All Clothing must be unworn prior to your shower.   I will be making sure you brought a separate set of workout clothes.

After the training session:  all athletes Will shower prior to leaving the building. 

Note:  saying you will “shower when I get home" is not acceptable.  These practices assure that you will rid yourself of bacteria, germs, etc., from your body and clothing, prior to leaving the building, and helps prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and disease, to you and your loved ones as well.  

You must then change into clothes NOT worn during the session (you may change back into the clothes you wore when you arrived).


What to Pack in your bag Inventory

  • Towel
  • Workout shirt
  • Shorts
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Your wrestling shoes
  • Headgear