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How to Stick the Landing on your leg attacks

Actually, two videos.

Here’s how you avoid getting trapped on both knees from the single leg


In this one, discover the key to avoid getting trapped on both knees from the Hi-C.


Reason #2:  we don't move the opponent into position.  Your setup should cause your adversary to step into you and give you exactly the reaction you are looking for, in order to get to the leg.  If you are relying on just being fast enough to get there, well….flip a coin.  Your odds are 50/50.

Me, I prefer odds much closer to 100% me, 0% my opponent.

If you struggle to avoid the two-knee catastrophe,  I can personally take you step by step down that path, and in only 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, you can be well or your way to having a finely tuned, excellent leg attack system in your toolbox.

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