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Supergroup details:

Number of sessions:  7

Session Length:  1 hour on-the-mat (pre-session prep:  15 minutes).

When:  scheduling to be determined once groups are assembled but start date is after July 5

Supergroup Session 2:   Mat Mastery

Fee:  $146**

**Look for special bonus when you sign up for SuperGroup Session II


How to secure your spot in SuperGroup:

1. Submit the form below.      Note:  The only way to get in is to submit this form and get on this list.   If you are not on the list, someone else will snag your spot instead.

2. I will contact if there is an opening.  First Priority goes to athletes in SuperGroup 1.  You will be informed of dates and times prior to making any payments.  At that point, I will send you a link to the payment page**

3. Warning:  Space is strictly limited – delaying your application puts you at risk for missing out on this opportunity.

**Athletes who have paid for trainings that did not take place, or for summer camps, are welcome to apply your credit to this training.

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