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Introducing The 30 Minute Solution

This program accomplishes two things:  first, it offers a solution to an issue you are having.  Second, it introduces you to my program.  As such, the following are the criteria for this:

You are willing to make the commitment to come down here to my Pataskala training center for the session.  
My time is limited so I am only looking for athletes who are serious about coming down and doing a session.  
**Not just for newbies anymore
You are new to Attack System Wrestling
This is for new (and returning) athletes to the program, such as yourself, who have an opportunity to “Try it out", put in 30 minutes, get a problem solved…and consider Attack System Wrestling in the future.  
About the session
  • The session will be 30 minutes of on-the-mat instruction, focusing on one specific area of weakness (can include video analysis as well)
  • Fee is $39, paid in advance with no cancellations, refunds, etc.  My time is limited – I don’t have the time for no-shows.
  • This is geared toward 3rd-12th grade athletes.  Younger students may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Sessions are provided at our training center in Pataskala, Ohio (address provided by email after you commit to the session).
  • All athletes will follow our Health protocols, outlined here


  • You can see the facility here

**You have to be on the email list to train here.  If you are not already on the list, join here