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I don't just teach you how to perform at your highest level…I've built my own success on it.

about Dave

 I'm David Fogle.

Since 1986, I've been helping people master the mental and emotional part of their life to achieve peak performance.

Much of the time it has been in the dog-eat-dog world of business as a sales coach or business owner. I've spent thousands of hours working with individuals to help them achieve their dreams and the life they desire.

It's who I's what I do.

And when my son started wrestling…

When my son started wrestling in 6th grade, I quickly realized the sport was as much about mental mastery as it was about knowing the technique. In fact, the more my son perfected his technique and excelled, the more critical it became.

When he was wrestling in the state tournament his second season in the sport, that little voice in his head said, “You don’t belong here. These kids have been wrestling for years.”

But he already knew how to beat that voice because I had already taught him exactly what I had been teaching others for years.

  • How to develop unshakable self-confidence.
  • What really governs your peak performance.
  • Harness your unstoppable drive so that average is a thing of the past.
  • How to go from goal setting to goal getting.
  • Keeping losses from killing your peak performance.
  • How to get in the performance zone and stay there.
  • Why willpower is never enough and will fail you when you need it most.

And a whole bunch of other tricks and techniques about mind set, mental toughness, confidence, and winning.

The truth is the principals of success, peak performance, mental toughness, and winning work the same for every area of life. What you'll learn from me will help you no matter where life takes you.

But don’t take my word for it. Join me at Attack System Wrestling this year and see for yourself!

In case you want more details...

I've been happily married for 20+ years and have three children and three grandchildren.

When I'm not coaching clients both in the business sector and wrestling on how to obtain peak performance, I'm a freelance writer. I take complicated ideas and processes and write about them so the average person can understand them.

I am a rabid wrestling fan. I find freestyle much more exciting than folkstyle and wonder how we got to be the only country on earth that wrestles folkstyle in school.

I’ve never wrestled unless you count messing around with my son on the living room floor. So don't expect any technical advice from me. (although I know a great trainer).

I'm not a Doctor, Psychologist, or any other kind of licensed professional. I'm a performance coach. I help you maximize your potential in wrestling...not ask you about your relationship with your mother when you were five.

I drink entirely too much coffee so you could say it's my favorite drink and my second favorite drink is water that has been run through coffee grounds.