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This is Personal.
The Exclusive, invitation-only program for the Dedicated High Performance Attack System Wrestler

Attack System Gold

This is Your Personal Invitation to join me and gain your membership in Attack System Gold 

Build YOUR PERSONAL BluePrint for success – with my input!

Attack System Gold is a unique opportunity for a select, and limited group of athletes who are ready to go All Out – Attack System Style.

You’ve seen enough by now to know whether you want to:

  • Win using this powerful system
  • Train here throughout the season – gain automatic entry Every Time I open my doors (no more signing up for each program separately)
  • Become one of a select number of Attack System Insiders – with many special perks as well.
  • Extra members-only sessions designed to help you master this system faster than ever thought possible.
  • Many many special bonuses (see the list below)…including some that haven’t even been created yet.

Get my most personal attention, including:

  • special member-only sessions
  • inside track to every new training
  • extras available only to you and the other insiders
  • my personal attention and guidance on everything from weight management, strength assessment and training, goal setting, mental edge training, and, of course, charting your quickest path to greater success.
How does Gold Membership work?

Gold membership is offered on an annual basis.  Your membership starts June 2024 and runs through Spring 2025.

You will have the option of making one yearly lump sum payment, or making monthly payments throughout the year.


Your very first Step:

Once you have committed to this program, we get right to work.  


  • You will take part in a full athlete personal evaluation, which includes this New feature for 2024-25:  Your full Body composition evaluation (to be re-evaluated throughout the season to chart your progress).


  • NOTE:  I take significant time doing a full evaluation of your previous matches prior to our first session.  I will commit a LOT of time to helping you develop your winning BluePrint.

What all do I get with Gold Membership?

Here’s what’s included with Membership. 
There is so much here that I need to make a list.  I will start at the top, or, the beginning of the Attack System Gold season.  



Automatic Entry into the following core Attack System programs**:

  • Both High School Summer Camps
  • Both Attack System Premier Events
  • Attack Club East (Fall Club)
  • Both Fall Camps
  • Winter Club Training – our in-season program
  • Super Spring Bundle: includes Spring Camp + Full Club Simpson Membership

In addition 

Extra benefits available only to Gold members

  • Your full athlete personal evaluation (mental edge, physical strength assessment, alpha weight evaluation, goals assessment + path to success workbook.  This is a highly personalized 2 hour session.  This will be one of the very first sessions conducted through your Attack System Gold Membership, so we can chart your path to greater success.   NOTE:  I take significant time doing a full evaluation of your previous matches prior to our first session.  I will commit a LOT of time to helping you develop your winning BluePrint.
  • **New for 2024-25:  Your Full Body Composition Evaluation (re-evaluate throughout the season to chart your progress.
  • 4 1 hr Personal Training sessions 
  • Handfighting Extravaganza DVD 
  • Attack System Wrestling from neutral/feet combined DVD’s 
  • Mental edge workshop 
  • Special Attack System GOLD Gear (exclusive fight shorts and shirt). 



How many athletes will be invited?

I want to make absolutely sure that every young man in my program is given the maximum amount of personal attention needed to help him make the greatest gains and reach his goals.

Because of this, and due to the massive amount of time and personal involvement in helping every gold member athlete, membership is strictly limited.
Perhaps in the future,  I will consider adding more – but my first priority is to you, and giving you everything you need in order to make huge gains in the next year.  So for now, I’m limiting it.



Why Launch Attack System Gold?

My goal is to make certain that every dedicated member of this unique training program has every opportunity to grow and flourish, and gain ground quickly.  That’s why I’m only taking a handful of wrestlers.  I want to help you get as far as possible – and I’m willing to leave no stone unturned to help you reach your goals.


What are my expectations as a Gold Member?

Attack System Gold is only offered to the most dedicated, All-In Attack System Wrestlers.  You were selected for this program because of your dedication to this system of wrestling, and to this training.

I am specifically looking for athletes who, when asked, would say this:

  • This is my home for wrestling training
  • I proudly represent Attack System Wrestling with my actions and dedication to training
  • I Wear Attack System Gear (and not other trainers’ gear in the building) and display it proudly
  • This is where I encourage my friends/teammates to train
  • I am planning to win, Attack System Style, next year and in the future!


**Update:  Registration is now Open for Attack System Gold (it closes in a few weeks, however.  NO memberships will be added after June 15).  Right now, you only need to let me know, Yeay or Nay – either interested or not.  If you are interested in moving forward, I will provide you with all the specifics so you can make your commitment.


For now, just respond by email and let me know if you have an interest.  If so, I will send you ALL the specifics so you can make a fully informed decision.