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Attack System Premier Health Protocol

Welcome to Attack System Premier, the first of its kind!

This health protocol has been developed specifically with you, and all Premier athletes in mind, for the health, safety and protection of all of you in the program.

This is a protocol that you are highly encouraged to follow throughout your athletic career in order to give you the best possible chance of staying healthy.

As an athlete in Attack System Premier, you will be following every item in this health protocol.

Now let’s get started…

There are two main sections to the Health Protocol: The Skin Protocol, and Physical Health Guidelines. Be sure to read each section and print it out if necessary.

Skin Protocol 

Skin disease is the #1 reason for downtime in the sport of wrestling, and is still the biggest health issue facing our sport. With the emergence of MRSA, and presence of skin diseases such as Ringworm, Impetigo, Staff, and Herpes, it is imperative that we take preventive measures to avoid these things. The following represents our protocol to keep you safe and healthy.

• Each athlete will submit to a thorough skin exam prior to the beginning of the first session, and possibly every day (as needed). If you are aware of any potential skin disorders that you have, anywhere on your body, it is your duty and responsibility to inform me during the skin check process, for the safety and well being of yourself as well as the other camp athletes. Every potential skin disorder will be checked. 

• A skin protection foam shall be used by each athlete prior to every practice. Kenshield will be on the table when you come in. Every athlete is responsible for applying skin foam prior to practice. This skin foam provides a protective film on the skin to help ward off skin issues.

• When entering the wrestling room, athletes will step on the Sole Mat, then wipe their feet on !the dry mat, to clean their shoes. At No Time will ANY street shoes be permitted on the mats.

 At the conclusion of practice, all athletes will shower at the Attack System Facility.  Showering immediately after a workout is the #1 way to prevent skin disease. This protects you, as well as the athletes you are training with. I know you wouldn’t want to put them at risk by not showering.  Extra towels are available for any athletes who forget to bring their own.

The mats in our facility are cleaned and mopped with a powerful disinfectant every day before practice begins (or the night before after the last practice). The mop pads are only used once before being washed.


Physical Health Guidelines