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These are the essential building blocks you MUST possess to be a successful wrestler:

1. Stance

2. motion

3. level change

4. block

5. sprawl

6. Penetration:  Hi-C/Double

7. Penetration:  Single

Here's how you know you excel at the above 7 skills:

  • Opponent can't break your position
  • Opponent can't get to your legs from open (no/very little contact)
  • You effectively block athletes who are faster, stronger, and more athletic, from getting to your legs 
  • Opponents react when you change levels – and your hip and head position on your shots are exceptional
  • As soon as you get to their leg, you always have the angle.
  • The opponent never gets an angle on you

If you struggle in any of these areas, you only have two choices:

1. Accept fewer wins throughout your wrestling career.

2. Get it fixed Here and Now