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Attack System wrestlers:  single leg quick transitions

Attack System wrestler competing in Central Regionals

 Your quickest path to the Championship Level this spring:  Club Simpson Freestyle Greco

Randy Simpson, Wrestling Master and System King

Founder of Attack System Wrestling

  • 30+ years of training athletes
  • 15 years coaching in the college ranks
  • Collegiate All-American
  • All-time wins leader and Takedown King at his school
  • Olympic Regional Runner-up, 1992 Iowa Regionals 
  • Competed in the 1984, 1988 and 1992 Olympic Trials
  • Grand Nationals Champion and tournament MVP (was chosen over an Olympian for the award)
  • Author of 3 books (another is in the works)


Dates:  Sunday March 26 – May 25
Training Days:  Sundays and Thursdays
Advanced Training Day (Club Simpson Elite): Tuesdays

The Sneaky Spring Stat you should Ignore

Hidden Benefits of Greco

The hidden benefits of wrestling Greco every spring are this:

Besides shedding your fear of upper body wrestling…

Learning to shut down the 50/50 (over/under) position immediately

As well as score at least 3 ways from there…

is this:

Greco wrestling, when taught correctly, is your quickest path to handfighting superiority.

Meaning, you can often tie extremely talented athletes into knots – slowing them down and controlling the match, by using your superior handfighting skills.

You can learn those skills right here this spring.

Read on and sign up today!

This can be you!

Club Simpson Freestyle/Greco is Back!

We are now taking applications.


What the 75% already know

If you would like to gain the competitive edge that carries over into your school season –  and do what 3/4 of Ohio’s State Finalists do that elevates them over the rest of the pack…here’s your chance.


Here are a few reasons why training in the Olympic Styles of Freestyle and Greco wrestling in the spring,  leads to champions in the winter:

  • quickly develops instinctive hips
  • forces you to finish shots quickly and react quickly
  • Competition against the best wrestlers.
  • Shows you what the top level looks like.
  • the stats are out there and they are REAL
  • **BONUS**:  Its Just Plain Fun!

You can be among those enjoying the spotlight this spring, while gaining critical skills for the future,  competing in this fun and fast paced wrestling style!

In a very short time (he started wrestling in 6th grade), this wrestler went from struggling to set up and execute a basic single leg, to sweeping the state in the Olympic styles of Freestyle and Greco, crushing his competition without giving up a single point,  repeating that process in the Central Regionals, and representing the State of Ohio on the National Schoolboy team (his 8th grade year).

He repeated his dominance at the Cadet (U16)  and Junior  levels, representing the State of Ohio 3 times in the most esteemed national tournament in the country, the Cadet/Junior Nationals in Fargo, ND.

Very impressive for a Licking County farm boy with just a few short years of experience.

His skillset also propelled him to earning his trip to High School State 4 times, reaching the semi-finals twice.

“Once I wrestled Greco, I never got turned in high school style wrestling again."

Why do wrestlers gain these skills here so quickly?

I’m glad you asked.

Through 30+ years of training athletes, I have unlocked the key to helping athletes quickly implement skills, and applied it to my system of training.

As a result, athletes like the above, from the video, have the opportunity to snag these skills quickly and apply them to real matches against high level opponents.

Every year, Spring wrestlers who join us gain ground quickly on their counterparts – grabbing valuable skills and and becoming competitive at this fast-paced sport much faster than elsewhere.

Secrets to fast implementation of skills

You learn a System of wrestling – using proven systematic methodology.   Its a proven fact that humans learn more, and adapt more quickly, to a systemized method, as opposed to “shiny new objects" every time.

Drop-in style trainings = having a constant flow of athletes who are starting from scratch – making it nearly impossible to build a set of skills.  While we will occasionally offer try-outs, we do not accept drop-ins for this reason.  Drop-in also represents a low level of commitment.  We are looking for athletes who are ready and willing to commit to training.

A room full of athletes who are committed to the process, will lift each other up, instead of what you find with the “open mat" method – low levels of commitment and interest.

This IS a Focused Freestyle/Greco club. We do not do folkstyle sessions, and no folkstyle events will be on our schedule.  Clubs that go back and forth between freestyle and folk style  are NOT committed to the process of winning through these Olympic styles.

No guest speakers.  Unlike the “Show and Tell" atmosphere a lot of places, here its about rapid skills development – so we do not waste your time showing you something fancy that you’ll never use.

If its important enough to teach, its important enough to Train using our Fast Implementation learning system so you can quickly make the critical skills automatic.

Club Simpson Details…

Starting Date:  Sunday March 26

Last Training Date:  Thursday May 25

Club Offerings:

Club Simpson (Junior High and High School):  18 Powerful Sessions!

*Brand New* Club Simpson, Sunday-only option:  9 Powerful Sessions!

Club Simpson Elite** (Advanced Junior High and High School):  27 Powerful Advanced Sessions!

Training Days:

Sundays, 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Club Simpson:

Sundays:  7:00 – 8:30 pm

Thursdays:  7:30 – 8:30 pm (Drill + Live Blast)

*Brand New*. Club Simpson, Sunday-only option:

Sundays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Club Simpson Elite: 

Sundays:  7:00 – 8:30 pm

Tuesdays:  7:00 – 8:30 pm.  Advanced concepts taught and internalized for the competitive wrestler

Thursdays:  7:30 – 8:30 pm (Drill + Live Blast)


Club Simpson:  $325 (works out to an average of $18 per session for the highest level of personalized training available)

Club Simpson, Sunday-only option:  $225 (works out to an average of $25 per session)

Club Simpson Elite:  $395 (works out to an average of less than $15 per powerful advanced training session)

Please note:  We are all about Commitment here.  I commit to training you when you commit to training here.  When you commit to a payment plan, you are committing to the entire program (aka, we don’t take “drop-ins" and rarely open our doors for one-time tryouts).  If you quit, you are still responsible for payment of the balance.

Here’s a quote from a non-customer:

The club we went to was a decent club, but absolutely no handfighting skills whatsoever. Yours was so much better at handfighting and Greco.  No comparison.   We should have stayed put.