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March 26 Bonus:  Advanced Video Training

March 16 Bonus:  Video Training

Pinner's Half.

This video was recorded during a recent session.  While we are out of the room, you can study this short video and practice at home on dad, mom, sister, the dog (on second thought, not the dog).


Your Exclusive Youth Summit Page 

Training Schedule (subject to change or add on)

[Reminder:  Arrive between 15-20 minutes before the start of every session]

Training has been suspended. I will let you know by email when we resume.



Youth Summit Details

Attack Barn Address

Training is located at the Attack Barn in Pataskala. The address is: 10740 Refugee Rd SW, Pataskala OH 43062. For privacy reasons, I do NOT publish this anywhere else. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS.

The facility is located 450 feet off the road, and we are 1/2 mile West of Rte 310, 5 minutes off I-70. We are located on the North side of the road.


When you arrive and step into the Barn, look to the left. There is a shoe rack for your street shoes. Be sure to put your shoes here.

When you are walking into the wrestling room, step on the sole mat (wet shoe mat) with your wrestling shoes, and wipe your shoes on the dry mat. This greatly reduces bacteria from the mats, keeping you, and other participants, healthier.

Please be considerate and arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the session so you, and we, can be properly prepared and ready to start the session on time.

Health Protocol

Very Important: Our health protocol is in place to keep you, and every athlete, as clean and healthy as possible. Every athlete will follow it. Here it is:

  • All athletes will undergo a thorough skin check, prior to the start of the session
  • Following workouts, all athletes are expected to shower before leaving the facility. (Youth – you are strongly encouraged to shower) Don't even think about sneaking out the door without doing this very important step!** Bring your own towel…but if you forget, we have extras.
  • Step on the Sole Mat with your shoes every time you enter the wrestling room portion of the building…then step on the drying mat that is inside the room.
  • Put on Kenshield to protect your skin
  • The mats are mopped every day before wrestling begins
  • If you have a fever, stay home

**Experts recommend that athletes shower within 10-15 minutes of completing their workout. You greatly decrease your odds of getting skin infections by showering as soon as you are done, and show consideration for your fellow attack system training partners by reducing the spread of infectious diseases.


Youth Summit Checklist

Bring with you:

  • Workout clothes
  • Extra Shirt!
  • Extra Underwear, socks and shorts and shirt to wear after your shower
  • Towel (or borrow ours)
  • Headgear
  • Wrestling Shoes

Cancellations/rescheduled events: In the rare case that practice would be cancelled, due to weather or illness, I will email you as soon as possible. Remember: Email is my chief means of communication so Always check your emails!

If you don't receive an email, the session is ON.


Small Group Bonuses


February 27:  Countering the Spiral Ride


February 18:  What are your key Action Phases?

Youth wrestlers, you were given an Action Phrase last night to quicken your implementation of key skills.  Tell me what it was.

High School/Junior High – tell me yours tonight (or I will give you one personally).

This should reflect the key issue you are trying to solve on the mat.


February 3:  The critical three for peak performance (by Dave Fogle)

This is a report from Dave Fogle, a bonus from the Peak Performance training he presented in January.

Go here to grab your special report


December 1:  My Challenge to you: Are you where you want to be?

Now that you’ve practiced for a week…are you where you want to be?

I challenge you to make a short list: “in order to get where I want to be, and reach my goals, I need to…."

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • ?

It can be mental, physical, or technical. What areas cost you points this past week? What positions do you need to get better from? What answers do you need from me, to help you going forward?

Once you've made your list, email it to me (or text if you have my number). I respond to every message.

I'm always on the lookout for athletes who are fully engaged. While this is completely voluntary and up to you…

Those who are the most engaged, will follow through (some already have).