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No, I'm not a fascist, nor do I support fascism in any way, shape or form (actually if you know me – kind of the exact opposite)

For folks possessing a reading skill level above the 3rd grade, It is abundantly clear that my recent blog does not supported any candidate or party, in any manner.

However, occasionally folks slip onto the email list who don't possess such exemplary reading comprehension skills.

This “woke" reader accused me of supporting fascists following my recent blog post about the election so I felt a need to respond maturely and appropriately.

And because of this, I have no other choice than to troll them back with my special offer just for you….

Fascist Randino Blue Light Special

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Let's start with the most consequential book of the year, Wrestling in the Coronavirus World.

Written back in March, many of the point made in it have come eerily true.  Learn best methods for keeping your athlete safe and healthy in this challenging time…as well as taking a peak into the future of wrestling and what it will look like (if the wrestling world is smart).

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