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The Secret to Fast Implementation

Every spring, athletes enter my room who are experiencing the Olympic Styles of Freestyle and Greco wrestling for the very first time. They are amazed at how quickly they learn the core skills and are ready to compete against athletes with a lot more experience.

Athletes whose first experience here is Summer Camp, enjoy a similarly fast learning curve. So fast in fact, that I proudly record the final session, dubbed our Final Exam, to show how quickly athletes can learn to implement this powerful Attack System Wrestling.

Make no mistake, however: None of this is by accident – rather, a carefully designed system, developed over thirty years of professionally training athletes. In those thirty years, my training system of Fast Implementation has allowed athletes to accelerate their skills faster here than ever thought possible. Now, I unveil some of my secrets. First though – some philosophy.

“I like to do what others won’t do."

That statement epitomizes where it all starts: I embrace the challenge of taking every athlete (yes – EVERY ONE) that I accept into my program and giving him my very best – and work toward accelerating his skills as quickly as possible.

No Pictures on my Walls

A well meaning individual gave me some “marketing" advice a few years ago. “Put pictures of athletes on your wall. That way people can see all the great kids you’ve trained through the years."

I thanked him but refused. People who put pictures on their walls do it so they can attach your star to their vehicle. (If you’re a star). If you’re NOT a star yet, it sends a loud message: you’re not good enough to be important to them. And once you step in their room, you quickly see exactly where their focus is – as they continually work with the kids who are already stars, and ignore the others. That’s not training – and I refuse to operate that way.

When I accept you into my room, I expect you to commit to training and working hard – and I commit to you that you matter. Because every athlete in my room matters.

Its too bad more trainers don’t adopt this philosophy, but it doesn’t fit their business model.

My Secrets to Fast Implementation of wrestling technique

Here are the secrets I shouldn’t give away, but for the sake of the wrestling community, I will:

#1: Training not just Entertaining.

Every move and technique shown in my room is important. If it weren’t, I wouldn’t waste your time showing it.

Even more: the main focus of training is on core skills – NOT fancy moves or crowd pleasing low percentage tactics. If it isn’t steeped in fundamentally sound position – I don’t want any part of it.

This is how you win at every level in wrestling: high school, college, Olympics. Fundamentally based, high percentage technique. I am always going to train you to win using technique that is proven to win at the highest levels of the sport. Anything else is a waste of your time.

#2: Understanding and implementing the Five Phase Learning Process that every human being must go through to excel at Anything in Life.

You can learn more about Phase Five here, but I’ll quickly summarize it for you:

  • The Learning phase: See the technique and get the details
  • The Walk-through phase: Drill it and get the steps down
  • The Speed Drill phase: Speed Drill it at match speed
  • The Live practice phase: Execute the technique in a live practice setting
  • The Execution phase: Execute the technique in a live match setting

Once you understand this process, you can see why wrestlers struggle to internalize technique and movements.
Reminds me of the coach who complained, “I told him not to do that!"
to which I replied, “did you tell him or did you train him?"

Reinforce core skills

Every workout, we speed drill core skills and high percentage movements repeatedly – every practice – internalizing it to perfection.

Put another way: most wrestlers will practice until they get it right…here, you will practice it until you get it right Every Time.

Those whose focus is to entertain with fancy moves will slow down your learning process.

Only one cook in the kitchen

If you’ve ever heard the expression, too many cooks in the kitchen – know there is great knowledge in it.
In my room – I’m the only cook.

You learn my system, and are trained using my fast implementation methods developed over 30 years of professionally training athletes.

The more coaches, all-star clinicians, drop-in instructors – the less learning…slower implementation of skills….less time drilling the essential skills because someone else has a cool move to show off to you.

There’s Training, and there’s Show ‘n Tell. If you want to implement skills FAST – go for Training.

The personal attention you need, to quickly learn and implement skills.

The number of athletes in my training sessions are strictly limited so YOU get the individualized instruction you need to learn and implement core skills quickly and accurately. No program that packs in tons of kids can give you the training you need.

The personalized attention you get from me is what sets this training apart – and gives you the best opportunity to learn. In addition – you are constantly challenged to be on the details – at any time you could called on to prove it.

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