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The most undercoached, un-talked about skill in the entire sport.

If you want proof positive, the next time you’re in a room, tell a couple wrestlers to do a live handfight (or challenge your friend to a live handfight)…go ahead, see what you get.

I’ve been in rooms where the coach runs this drill, and here’s the result:

  • Practically no body grabbing the wrist
  • No 2 on 1’s
  • No underhooks
  • No over/under
  • Very little outside of grabbing the head
  • Practically no countering grabbing the head (outside of both locking horns like a bull)
  • Its just an incredibly underutilized, under-taught, under-trained skill.

Which amazes me since handfighting is such a big part of my program.


In fact, we started this season's ACE off with the most important of hand fights, the one that “rules them all" and shuts down the elite wrestlers, if and when done precisely as shown.

At a previous Small Group Training, we ran a special Handfighting training session.

And we recorded the session and turned it into a DVD.

This DVD is quite expansive, covers a lot of ground – and specifically points to critical handfighting mistakes that are deeply baked into the sport.

It covers areas such as:

  • Beating the head tie so you immediately have a scoring opportunity (unlike the most common methods which leave you with nothing)
  • Shutting down your opponent’s over/under within seconds (as well as scoring multiple ways with it)
  • Beating the 2 on 1 (the ‘common’ method not only gives you no scoring edge, but actually costs you position
  • Shutting down the underhook
  • Beating the opponents position every time he puts his hands on you
  • Multiple methods for beating and exploiting the opponent’s wrist ties


This DVD is NOT for you if…

  • You don’t want to create scoring opportunities from your opponent’s head ties
  • You prefer to just back out of hand fighting situations
  • You are happy with what you do from every handfighting situation
  • You don’t plan to use any of it and the DVD will just sit like a trophy on your bookcase

Warning #2:  This is a recorded, live session.  There is:

  • NO slick production
  • No cool camera angles
  • Lacks the style and pizzazz of professional DVDs
  • Raw and practically unedited

If those things bother you, then do yourself a favor and pass on this.

Cost:  $39.99