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This is what separates the Rapid Risers from the Pack


In wrestling, as in life, there are those who climb the ranks quickly…and those who don’t.

The Rapid Risers possess ONE specific attribute – and use it to their advantage – much more effectively and consistently than those who remain in the middle of the pack.

The difference is night and day, and when you know what you’re looking for, you learn to recognize it immediately.

I’ve been doing this long enough that I can see it from a kilometer away.  These guys have an almost unfair advantage over their opposition – and they always will.

For the most part, those that don’t possess it will always chase, trail and continuously fall further behind those who do.

What I’m about to tell you can change how you approach a lot of things in your life.  It is powerful.

But there is a chance that it won’t change you in any way whatsoever.

The choice is yours, and yours alone.  Nobody can make you become a Rapid Riser.  It is a choice you make to commit to it.  And, if it doesn’t come naturally to you, it is work.

If you aren’t willing to work or implement it, it will do you no good and you might as well skip the rest of this.

Remember, You are in charge of your destiny, nobody else.

Are you willing to do what others won’t do?

Most people will never follow the path that the Rapid Risers take – even when it is laid bare in front of them.  Case in point:

I recently showed a wrestler the path.

Laid it out in clear detail.

When he came in for a session, I asked him if he was following it.   Told me he didn’t feel he needed to.

Later on he dropped out of my program because he ‘wasn’t getting the results he wanted.’

No kidding.

If you resist the path, don’t be surprised if you don’t get the results that others who followed it got.

Granted, its not easy and it takes real work – work that many aren’t willing to put in.  But that’s why there are only a scant number of Rapid Risers, and far more who reside in the Mediocre Middle.


The wrestling world is built around a flawed concept


The entirety of the wrestling world is built around a flawed concept.   That concept is this:  just keep wrestling and eventually you will get good.
Have good partners to wrestle with and you will automatically become good as well.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Make no mistake – a good partner can definitely help you excel.  And a good room can certainly help.

But many Rapid Risers often come from modest means – below average programs with poor selections of wrestling partners.  And every strong program has a ton of kids who never excel, and instead reside somewhere in the middle.

Why?  Because training in a ‘good room’ does NOT guarantee you success.  It can certainly help, but the guys who lack the key attribute that the rapid riser possesses, will still fall far short of them.


The key attribute of the Rapid Riser


On its surface, this key attribute will seem very Obvious Adams.  But the underlying mechanics of it are far more complex.  Allow me to explain.

That attribute, possessed by Rapid Risers – on and off the mat – is the attribute of Hyper Focus.

Hyper focus is how Rapid Risers take in techniques, concepts and positions, and implement them quickly into their own game. 


The difference between hyper focus and focus


Many athletes have focus.  They can grasp the concept when taught, and in a very short time, are drilling it at a phase 3 level.  The difference between them and the rapid risers though, is rapid risers retain it at high levels – to the point of automation.  In a very short time, they are leaping to phase five – live match level – with skills they just learned.


An example of a kid with Hyper Focus


Tyler was a 4x state finalist and state champ with a high level of hyper focus.  In a very short time, he learned my methods for countering the great Stieber spiral – and used it effectively in the state finals against him, getting out from the bottom every time (as opposed to getting turned and pinned with it, which happened to him the previous year.)
Tyler constantly asked me questions about wrestling – how to do things, how to beat positions.  I always had the answer.  Because of this, he stayed in my program throughout his entire career and reaped the benefits as a result.

Contrast that with the above kid who left my program.  Who, when I laid out the path to hyper focus, so he could implement things faster and make quicker strides – he said Naw.  Don’t need to.  Then left when his results weren’t as good as he was hoping for.


How you can develop your hyper focus.


There is a specific path to doing so.   It involves these key elements:

1. Continual re-enforcement of winning systems and critical skills.    
This key element is the one that leaves most athletes in the dust.  The great John Smith, 2X Olympic Gold Medalist and 3X national champ, talked about working from the same position for hours a day…
for 15-20 years.

So when he stepped on the mat for the gold medal match, nothing was left to chance.  It was automated.  All he had to do was react using what was built into him from his years of hyper focus and wrestling within his system – and the wins took care of themselves.

In an era where more athletes search for the bright shiny object and jump from gym to gym to find it, fewer are willing to go down the John Smith path – thereby eliminating any chance to develop their hyper focus.

Perfect example, I recently attended a clinic with 8 Olympians and 2 Olympic coaches.  Outstanding technique shown the entire day.  But looking around, all that technique, for the most part, was wasted

Watching the wrestlers drill and try to figure things out, with little to no personal instruction (coach to athlete ratio way too high), just to be brought back in for the next move they were never going to get….well, you get the idea.
A week later I ran into a kid from the clinic, asked him to show me one thing he learned to do there.  He couldn’t effectively hit a single move that was taught.

And this is how the majority of wrestling training is conducted.   If you aren’t getting personal instruction with a trainer who will make a personal connection every practice – correcting your mistakes and keeping you on the right track, you’re likely to end up somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Young athletes waste countless hours over many years in gyms without grasping critical core skills to help them jump levels.  

2. Developing your game plan and system of attack

Developing your game plan means knowing exactly what to do from critical positions – and more importantly, automating them to Phase 5 level.  I implement key elements in my room to accelerate learning.  Its a secret proprietary formula that I won’t share on a web page, and you only get by training in my building.

3. Developing your strong mental reinforcement.
This gets pretty deep in the woods but is the most critical part of hyper focus.  If I tried to explain it to you, you would probably pass this part up or not understand it.  Suffice to say, I’ve unlocked the formula to wrestlers gaining mental reinforcement that can lead to hyper focus, bundled into a carefully designed system, and developed over thirty years of professionally training athletes.  It involves studying your wrestling, deep-diving into your game plan, re-enforcing that camp plan physically and mentally, and committing to the system.

It takes a strong mental game to do this – I show you how, but again – you have to be all in.


Your journey starts here

In thirty years, my training system has allowed athletes to accelerate their skills faster here than ever thought possible

Now, I unveil some of the secrets I’ve been talking about.

There is an entire system of training, mental and physical, that goes into developing Hyper Focus.  So much to it that it takes specific instruction to implement into your own wrestling.

And again – most won’t be willing to do so.  Because of this, I warn people:  If you’re not ready to implement my system to better yourself, win more matches, and use these same skills to win more at Life…

you might want to pass on this.

Because you will be presented with the Rapid Risers Handbook (directly from the pages of my book) that outlines exactly, step by step, how to develop your hyper focus.  It will take outside work.  You will have to work on it when you leave my place.  There’s no other way around it.

You are either all in or you aren’t. 

You can either be Tyler, the 4X finalist I mentioned above….

or you can be the kid that just left my program.

Its up to you.

If you join me, you will get the chapter of my still unfinished book that features Hyper Focus, for free.  This chapter outlines exactly how to use these methods to develop your hyper focus.

Warning:  this will not guarantee you wins.

Many athletes have come and gone, and never used what I teach them.  Its sad but true.  The decision is yours and yours alone, to jump all in.  I can only show you the path.