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Washing hands is critically important.  You can implement this simple routine to automate washing hands with your kids.


Do you worry if your kids are washing their hands enough, and thoroughly enough?

If so, read on – this quick fix may help.

I used this simple technique to get the wrestlers in my room to wash hands more often (before the shut-down of course).

By the time I had fully implemented this, they were self-teaching – constantly reminding each other, “wash your hands!”

This technique also helps athletes learn and remember technique faster as well.


Here’s where it starts

In my opening speech, I lay the groundwork by announcing:  

  • We will wash hands after skin checks
  • We will wash hands at water break
  • We will wash hands after going to the bathroom
  • And we will wash hands after practice.

Then I re-enforce it.  In my building, every wrestler goes through skin check – every practice.  Its a vital element of our health protocol, and one of the reasons our room is a health leader in our sport.

After each athlete completes his skin check, I ask, “What do you do?"

They answer, “Wash Hands!”  If that athlete doesn’t answer, somebody answers for them.

When its time for water break, same routine:  “What do you do?"

“Wash Hands!" goes the chorus.

When they re-enter the wrestling room, “What did you do?"

“Washed Hands!"

(That in addition to stepping on the sole mat, then the drying mat, which is another element of  our health protocol.)

Anyone that has to leave the room – for blood, bathroom break, whatever – I throw the question at them:  “What do you do?"

“Wash Hands!"

Practice ends, we weigh out, then “What do you do?"

“Wash Hands!"

Constantly requesting that they repeat the standard leads to active learning rather than passive learning.

If you just tell them?  Maybe they hear it, maybe they don’t.

Same as wrestling training.  It doesn’t matter what technique we are working on.  Once we’ve showed it, and drilled it, we integrate it into our active learning routine.

“What do you do when they shoot?"

“Downblock!  Near Arm!  Backhand!  Near Hip!"