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Your bonus for attending Welcome Wagon



Here's a bonus, just for you – some of which we covered at Welcome Wagon, some that we will cover at Attack Club East 


You're the drill partner.  Its his turn to get reps – but you can improve your skills at the same time.  Here's how:

  • Maintain good position and movement on reps.  This build good positioning reinforcement into your wrestling.
  • Base up when taken down
  • Hip heist when you land – recover quickly so you can get back into position.
  • Recover to stomach instead of back
  • Hands positioned well for recovery (elbows in when you land)
  • Base-up recovery not Push-Up recovery
  •  Granby-circle and return


During your drill period, your goal is for you and your partner to execute as many correct reps as you can.  The more correct reps, the better you get faster.  

Move-specific examples of Drill hacks (accelerate your skills quickly by doing these things):

  • Granby + bear-circle –  means circling away from your opponent when you granby.  Also:  circle back to recover to position so you work the other side, and you are ready for the next rep

  • Turn the corner every time you drill a Hi-crotch or double (instead of what a lot of people do, which is getting to the leg and stopping).

  • Look into the finish (see the back of his head) every time you hit a hi-c or double

  • Single leg – always turn the corner and never stop your motion until your knee makes contact with the back of his leg (or, your hip bumps his hip)

  • Handfight finishes with level change (every time he makes contact with you, it gives you a scoring opportunity.  You are re-enforcing that you are attacking next).

  • Always lock hands (gable grip, or ‘prayer grip’ if you attend a religious school) correctly on every single leg.

  • Shelf your single-on-the-mat finish every time (never settle for just ‘doubling off’, which looks cool but is never there on the good kids)

  • Finish takedowns with the takedown (re-enforce scoring points)

  • Go behind – near arm back hand near hip – every time

  • Standups – always finish with a cut-through and level change (train your body to automatically defend the re-shot, and be prepared to attack them immediately as well)

  • Peterson – always straighten the arm when you finish

  • Sprawls – always hit the thigh and hip bone and circle (too many wrestlers cut it short)

  • Fake shot – always deep level change.  Otherwise you are actually doing nothing



Randy “System King” Simpson