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Special Event:  Welcome Wagon

Address to the Attack Barn:  10740 Refugee Rd SW, Pataskala, OH 43062

Date:  Monday July 26
Time:  12:00 noon – 2 pm***

Arrival Time:  11:30 – 11:45 am (Be On Time)

**Training Starts at 12 noon SHARP
***See below for *extra* activities after 2
NOTE:  We will have snacks after the training.  We invite you to stick around, swim in the pool, or play pool/ping pong etc. in our basement.  
Parents:  If you want to partake, you are welcome to.  Be sure to let us know so we have enough goodies for you as well!
PS. Athletes be sure to read the Pool rules below if you plan to swim (its going to be a hot one!)


Excel Drilling Mini-Workshop

Excel Drilling Mini-Workshop

Excel drilling mini-workshop (learn to Train like a champ and the Wins take care of themselves)



  • Discover how we implement new skills in three easy steps, all geared to accelerating these skills quickly to Phase 3
  • Gain a few wrestling hacks that work on the majority of your opponents by exploiting longstanding trends that have been prevalent across our great sport and never quite go away
  • Excel drillingmini-workshop (learn to Train like a champ and the Wins take care of themselves)

Heath Protocols:

  • Temps taken when you enter the building
  • All athletes undergo skin checks
  • Athletes will use Ken shield
  • Athletes step on the Sole Mat when you enter the wrestling area
  • Showers available after the session (encouraged)

Extra Activities:

  • Swim in our pool after the session (see pool requirements below)
  • Snacks provided (not a full meal but hey, its something
  • Stick around and play some pool or ping pong 
  • Attack System Merchandise available at steep discount after the session

Pool Rules:

  • Shower required after the session and before entering the pool
  • Only wear trunks (or shorts) NOT worn during wrestling session
  • No diving
  • Obey all pool rules
  • Have fun!