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Your One Minute Confidence Boost

If you're anxious about the upcoming tournament, or worried about wrestling your best, this one minute video could help.

Check it out below:

Transcript:  Your One Minute Confidence Boost

Hi. Randy here with your 1 minute conference boost. First of all, going into this tournament, do the things that got you here. Do the things that you’ve been successful at and you’ve won matches with on your own. You are not likely to do something new that you just learned 2 days ago.

Second of all, if nerves are getting the best of you :  When you use your pre match routine, utilize a routine that fits something you did when you had your best match you ever wrestled. Try to put yourself in that same mindset. Try to have the same match routine that you usually do. Don’t try to change because you’re a tournament.

Okay? 1 or 2 things you’re gonna do, probably, my 2 suggestions. You have to choose which one fits you. One, before you go out there, build yourself full of confidence, clear your head completely, and just wrestle.  Whatever happens, happens. Shake hands.

Two, review key elements that you want to do during the match. 

Next, if you are trying to fix things that are bad habits, Sometimes it helps to use your action phrases. So repeat your action phrases as part of your warm up routine. What I mean by that is if you always reach back. Instead of saying, “don’t reach back”, say, I keep my arm in.

Action phase. Positive action phases. That’s it. Good luck.

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