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The best Valentines gift a wrestling mom can get

Your mom sacrifices so much during a wrestling season – all because of you.

And after all that…

Do you really think she just wants some candy and flowers?

If that’s what you think, you haven’t been paying attention.

Here’s what she really wants…

  • You don’t starve yourself to make weight.
  • You win more matches with more ease
  • You shut down those leg riders immediately (and preserve your shoulder as a result)
  • You start surpassing rivals

Right now, through this Saturday, I am offering a special 3 week blast to address the above, and give your mom exactlywhat she really wants for Valentines Day (offer expires Saturday)

SAFE Advanced Wrestling Training for your athlete!

You can sign up for the last three weeks of February NOW.

One Month Commitment:  Only $88 (works out to $22 per week)

3 week commitment:  Only $66

We currently are taking athletes in the following groups:

Youth on Tuesdays (1 opening) (7 pm arrival time)

JH/HS lightweights on Sundays (roughly 100 lbs) – 1 or 2 openings (4:30 pm arrival)

HS light+middleweights on Sundays  (113-132 and 160 – 195) – 2 openings (7:00 pm arrival time)**

**We have a request for a 220 lber, so we would take 1 more at 220l

Complete the following application in order to be considered for this program.   If you have more than one athlete, please submit separate forms for each.

Once you submit this form, you will be redirected to a confirmation page.

If accepted, you will be contacted regarding completion of the process and making payment.


Small Group Training Application


Submit your application here to be considered

The following is a requirement for participation
requirement for participation
Requirement for participation