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How this high school coach led his team to Super Bowl glory

Are you kidding me? Some high school coach is going to beat Belichick? No Way!

That’s what a lot of people thought…

  • expert people. 
  • Betting people. 
  • Oddsmaking people.

You can hardly fault them their skepticism.

After all, Belichick is one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, owning 5 Super Bowl rings.

His rival on the other sidelines,  Doug Pederson, was coaching high school football 10 years ago.

How’d he do it?

By developing a simple, highly effective offensive system.

From one formation, they can attack the defense 6 different ways (similar to our dynamic inside series that is an essential part of our system.  We attack 5 different ways, reading our opponent’s reaction and imposing our will accordingly.)

Based on the reaction of your opponent, you run the play that works. 

The system is simple yet ingenious.  Simple enough that a backup quarterback can learn to execute it in a few short weeks and lead his team to Super Bowl glory.

Pederson followed this process to train his athletes

I know that because they were prepared, and this is the only way you can be that prepared.