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The Randy-lorian

A loyal client recently shared this: 

“Many of the kids on our team have tried a variety of advanced training options…but they’re really not getting anywhere with their wrestling.  I recommend you because there is consistency to training in your system.”

Not only is this the Way of my Attack System Wrestling training…

It is also The Way to snag more success quickly.

Example in point:  Recently a wrestler trained to beat leg rides with my leg countering system. 
A few days later he was back in the room, sharpening his skill on those critical techniques while also expanding his knowledge base.

Fast forward a few more days and…you guessed it – this dedicated athletes was back for more and we re-enforced those critical skills once again.

As a result, he’s now able to react decisively and immediately to leg ride attempts (and when it comes to leg ride counters, along with a slew of other critical positions, there IS NO time to think.  You have less than a split second to react and win the position, or suffer the painful consequences).

This IS the way to more confidence, more success and more wins in the sport of wrestling.

It is also the Opposite of the usual, show and tell mentality on display most of the time, where the emphasis is on a different flashy move each time.

Those flashy moves…

  • Look good on the Fakebook and the tweeter
  • Won’t get you more wins
  • Even the good techniques, the ones based in superior positioning and core skills that can net your more success, aren’t going to work for you without the consistency of internalizing that technique.


This fall’s training camps are specifically designed with you in mind….

specifically, pointing a laser at your biggest flaws so we can create a roadmap to your quickest path to success.

It IS a different format than you’ll see anywhere else.


Go here for all the juicy details


Grandma got run over by a Wrestler

I was reminded recently of this meme:
Only a comma separates “Let’s go eat, Grandma” from “Let’s go eat Grandma”.

See how important the finer details are?

Grandma surely does.

Similarly in wrestling, one tiny missed detail can mean the difference between celebrating your trip to state, or missing out on the big show.

Such is the focus of many sessions in Attack Club East, Central Ohio’s longest running club.

One finer detail that most miss (which is probably going to be front and center on Day One of Attack Club East,, which is Sunday September 26):    

Scoring the easiest takedown in wrestling…namely, the go behind off your opponent’s shot.

And the finer detail (actually there are two of them) that most wrestlers miss, costs a ton of takedowns every season.

If you’ve ever attempted to spin behind and ended up getting taken down, you know of what I speak.

You can join us for ACE by signing up here


PS:  Special thanks to my friend Tiffany for the graphic.