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Pirates of the Takedown: Dead Shots Score No Points

The horror unfolded before my eyes….the crowd let out a gasp.

There he was, trapped underneath with no hope of scoring on yet another Dead Shot.

Oh, he started off the match with plenty of power and intensity.  Pushed his opponent around, grabbed his head and gave it a tug…

It certainly looked like he was about to dominate this match.

Then it happened.

As I looked on in horror, I thought to myself, even Jack Sparrow couldn’t revive that shot.

Its a familiar scene in gyms all over the country:

Dead shots that score no points.  

Attacks that result in:

  • getting stuck underneath and punished by his crossface and hips
  • a complete miss of the leg
  • athletes getting to the leg, only to be overpowered.

Many blame these factors:

  • your opponent was too strong
  • your opponent was too fast
  • your opponent is just too good.  You shouldn’t expect to score on him.

When I tell folks that you can overcome these factors, I often hear something like this:

C’mon Monte Hall, you can’t “look behind door #2” and fix the opponent being stronger, faster or better!

And they’re right.

But you can overcome these factors – and wrestlers do every day.

Here’s how:

  • possess the skill to position yourself so you can’t be easily attacked
  • develop the skill to put your opponent on defense immediately using very effective and specific methods
  • be able to handfight and break your opponent (note:  grabbing the head is NOT handfighting)
  • have the skill to dynamically attack your opponent 5 ways

Even more:

  • eliminate the opponent’s speed advantage with a finely tuned setup series that forces him to learn right into your shot (making YOU “faster" and him slower)
  • eliminate his strength advantage by grabbing the leg in the exact and precise position that allows you to fight the weakest joint in the body, and avoid the strongest muscles in the body
  • curtail his athletic advantage with a finely tuned, precise finishing series that consistently stymies even the top wrestlers

Although Jack Sparrow had to develop his highly effective (yet unorthodox) ways over many years, your ability to score from your shots can increase dramatically in just 4 days.

Warning:  It will take actual training – it won’t be enough to just see it or have some celeb in a clinic go over it and sprinkle his magic pixie dust on you and fix it.

The good news – you can get it this summer

PS:  Adopt the Attack System Mindset for maximum confidence:  every time they put their hands on you, you have a scoring opportunity