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7 deadly sins that will shred your season faster than a rabid weasel in a chicken coop

My wife worked for years at an historic farm and she told me about the time a rabid weasel found its way into the chicken coop.

Loud ruckus and feathers flying everywhere!  The commotion was almost unbearable (imagine how the chickens felt).

This week I'll be discussing 7 deadly sins of wrestling.  Today, we look at one deadly sin that will shred your season faster than that weasel did those poor hapless chickens.

Downed by Funk

To listen to some, wrestling has changed dramatically.  You've gotta be able to funk wrestle in order to win, they say.

They are wrong.  Funk is no more prevalent than it was years ago (and its just as easy to counter).

In fact, one of the nation's best high school wrestling coaches, 13X state champion coach Daryl Weber, laments this attitude…doesn't buy into it…and doesn't even bother much with it (yet still wins his state tournament every year).

Know why?

Because he, like all top wrestling coaches (not just the armchair coaches) knows that matches are won at the highest levels, predominantly, by executing a top level, fundamentally sound system.

However….wrestlers (and parents….and even some coaches) agonize over this.  If you've ever been in a close match against a beatable opponent, and all of a sudden they pull out yee olde funkaroo

well, its a devastating way to lose. 

What's worse, you will hear the screams and cheers of your victorious adversaries' fans ringing in your ears for years to come.

That's why wrestlers want to know how to counter the funk.

Nobody wants to lose that way….nor should they. 

There's no reason for it – Funk is not that hard to counter.

From my 30+ years of training athletes, I've seen tons of funk moves, often hailed as the second coming.


I knoweth of what I speaketh.

Its not difficult.  There's one key thing you do…every time – that beats almost every funk move in existence.  And next week, I'll be showing my Small Group athletes the keys to beating funk moves….and silencing the crowd.

Yesterday, small group athletes learned how to beat the top front headlock guys…every time.  Couple main keys to shutting them down in less than 2 seconds, but most of the wrestling world misses it and gets tormented with it as a result.  We'll be speed drilling it again next week.

They also learned the very best method to score with front headlock…much more so than head in the hole.

Tonight, the youth wrestlers learn these valuable lessons that will allow them to dominate their opponent for years to come from this crucial position.

Here's your chance to join us next week


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