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I had an email almost ready to go out when I started feeling a little off.  So I decided to pick it back up in the morning.

In the morning I woke up in excruciating pain, and after numerous attempts by my dear sweet loving wife (threatening me with bodily harm), I finally agreed to go to Urgent Care.

From there, the pain got worse, and I was transported by ambulance to Licking
Memorial Hospital in Newark.

It actually was a rather pleasant ride.  My condition would come and go – and when it flared up, the pain would send me through the roof.  Then it would subside for a while – maybe 10 minutes – and I’d get a reprieve.  I was in subside mode – through almost the entire ambulance ride, up until 2 minutes before arrival at the hospital. Then it reared its ugly head, causing me to utter some unrepeatable niceties.

Anyway, following IV fluids, pain meds, and a CT scan, we had a diagnosis:

Kidney stone.

A few years ago we had a wrestler at camp who got kidney stones on a regular basis (very unusual for a young person but he had a lot of trouble with them).  I now have a much deeper understanding of just how much pain he had to be in.

So now I’m just waiting for this little stone to pass (should be a day or two, according to the doctor) so I can get on with my bike – I mean, my life.

So there ’tis. 

(wait for it……..)

IF you have the stones to challenge yourself to develop a system of wrestling this summer, and have not already secured your spot…

stay hydrated and go here

Hey – its all I could manage in my weakened condition.


“I Went to camp and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt!”

Yesterday’s discussion about the thou$ands that people waste/spend on camps left out one not-so memorable piece of the experience:

the brand new $5 shirt you got to stuff in your bag.

Might be worth $10 if you got an autograph.

If the only thing you remember about camp is the shirt, perhaps you may want this instead…

Train here and discover a powerful system of wrestling

This is your chance to gain an (almost) unfair advantage over your opponent – right from the whistle.

From the feet, You can discover:

  • A simple technique so you are positioned to attack – but nearly impossible to take down.
  • The most dynamic set-up system to create openings and angles so you can attack your opponent multiple ways
  • Own the circle – by systematically breaking your opponent's position
  • Learn the finer details that give elite wrestlers the best chance to finish their shots…every time!
  • Much, much, more,  aimed at making you a master of the takedown.

On the mat, you can discover:

  • How to turn the best athletes quickly
  • Exploit the most common tendencies that athletes do and coaches teach
  • From bottom, shut down the opponent’s attacks in the first split-second
  • Learn why it never matters what the opponent’s first move is…from top or down
  • Much, much more to fast track your top and down positions

And a cool T-shirt to boot (autographs are discouraged though, I’ve got lousy handwriting).

go here and grab your spot


PS. The Last session of camp is a comprehensive “final exam” review session to reinforce what you’ve learned through the week (most camps don’t dare even attempt this but we embrace it).

The power of One
This local kid was wrestling in a tournament recently when his opponent threw legs on him, quickly broke him down and promptly “ripped him a new one.”

This local kid was wrestling in a tournament recently when his opponent threw legs on him, quickly broke him down and promptly “ripped him a new one.”

You have exactly 1 second, from the time legs are in, to counter.  If you counter successfully, no problem.  In the next few seconds you can be scoring an escape, reversal or more –  quickly and efficiently.

But this kid froze.

Later in the match, same athlete ended up with a 2 on 1.  

Didn’t score.

Again:  he froze.

In both cases, instead of immediately moving to the next step…

He hesitated.

During our Olympic Styles training, we have a saying:  He who hesitates gets tossed.

That same hesitation will also get you beat in folkstyle more often than not.

In the match above that I watched with my own 4 eyes, This wrestler froze because, instead of instinctively doing what he’s been trained to do…

He was trying to think of which thing to do.

This happens often when a wrestler is exposed to multiple solutions to the same problem.

Example:  Five different trainers may – probably will –  show you 5 different ways to hit a single leg.  Even if all 5 of them are right (most of them are probably flawed but that’s for another time), which one will you hit?

More likely than not…

None of them.

Hence, I introduce you to the Power of One.

As in, One System of doing things.

When in critical situations, you have exactly No Time to Think – Only react.

Learning one proven, highly successful system of winning wrestling takes you down the path to:

  • Fast implementation of moves
  • Reacting rather than thinking
  • High confidence level, knowing exactly what to do next

Athletes who train here this summer will automate THIS ONE system so completely, that I will proudly display, with full confidence, their training via the Final Exam (we even record it as proof that I’ve done my job).

It is a thing to behold.

An entire room of athletes, speed drilling through the entire system taught in just one week – and excelling at it, too.

Most camps don’t DARE to attempt this – because the result would be an abject failure.

Here, the expectations are high – and the results on full display for every parent to see at the last session.

Learn more here