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Let go of Brandon?
Let go of Brandon?

Let go of Brandon?

Big decision to be made, and you only have a very short time in which to make it.

What will you do?

The decision is one that will be made a quadruple times this wrestling season by desperate wrestlers trying to eke out a win.

Its the Down By One scenario, which often looks like this:

You’re down by one in the top position in the third period.

Do you let your opponent go, or stay on top and try to turn him?

“Well, that depends”, you say?

And you’d be right.  It depends on factors such as:

  • the time left on the clock
  • How good are you on your feet, as well as…
  • How good is your opponent on his feet?
  • Are you confident in turning your opponent?

If number Four elicits an “eh”….

Now’s the time to change that.

This weekend’s Laser Focus Camp is all about the mat.  Getting out from tough leg riders when on bottom…

and Scoring when on the top.

Notice I didn’t say RIDING.

Equestrians ride horses.  Wrestlers TURN opponents.

When you master the art of turning quality opponents, it gives you the option to stay on a tough takedown artist, instead of letting him up and trying to beat him from his best position.

You can join us by going here while its still open, which won’t be long now


the unmatched power of F.O.C.U.S.

First time I heard this meme, it stuck like peanut butter to the roof of a dog’s mouth.

And it also fit what I do here to a tee.

This is Step one

My client had determined that this was the ideal path for his son to follow, in order to maximize his potential and experience the most success possible in this sport.

His success included:

  • 4 trips to high school state
  • 3 trips to the podium
  • Ohio national team 5 years running
  • Elevating his level to the top rungs of athletes in the nation
  • Many more accolades than I can remember off the top of my head

If you only knew of his modest beginnings.

He started with me as a junior high farm boy still figuring out what a single leg was, let alone  having any clue about how to set up his opponent for an attack.

This boy started training with me very early in his wrestling career.

Once his dad saw the transformation (in just one personal training session)…

He made up his mind to F.O.C.U.S.

  • Follow
  • One
  • Course
  • Until
  • Successful

In this era, where the temptation is to jump around to the next shiny training object, this young man understood the power of staying Focused on one winning system of wrestling.

The result was him to accelerating his skills rapidly in a powerful system.

Hence, when he hit the mats, he had complete understanding of how to put his opponent on defense immediately, and keep them there.

It was like wrestling on autopilot.

  • No guessing what to do when the opponent threw legs
  • No digging through the depths of his mind, trying to pull out a counter to the head tie
  • No wondering what to do in ANY situation.
  • Zero Analysis Paralysis
  • Instinctively attacking and reacting

The Power of F.O.C.U.S. means you are READY Completely when the whistle blows.

To start your journey (or continue it if you are here now), go here and join me right before the season starts.